Story Promotion: Speak Season Three



Episode 58 of Speak has been Published!

Any surprises?!

What did you think?


This should be a thread when we can talk about all the episodes!


I would totally be open to that. :rose:


I second that @dari but what topic should it be under?


Episode 61 of Speak has been published!
This is the beginning of the third and final season of my pride and joy!
Thank you to everyone who was patient while I was finished my contest entry and went on vacation!


Episode 62 of Speak has been Published. I have given a few choices and one scene filled with Easter Eggs. I hope you enjoy!


Best Drama Story on the Episode! :heart:


I can’t wait for Episode 63. The end of Episode 62 had me shook. I seriously want to kill Rich right now. Do you think it’s possible that Liz is pregnant? Doubtful, but you never know with @J.Miley


J.Miley I read your H&V parody story on my day off school on Tuesday I could not stop laughing! I hope you win and I will definitely check out Speak


Episode 63 has been published!
Hold on to your tray tables; this Episode is a little intense.


I don’t think she is :thinking: I love angry Wes in the prison :grin: but I would love even more seeing him punching Rich :joy:


Sorry, but that’s not the place to promote your stories. Please open your own thread and promote your story there.


I would have loved to see Wes punch Rich as well, unfortunately, there is a thick glass window that was separating them. I do believe that Wes did win the battle of words, though.


I hope one day he will have a chance to punch him! (hard) :smiley:


Ahh, well, Wes is known to pack quite a punch. Do you think Wes would be able to stop with just a punch, though?


You know what’s my dream :smiley: he should kill him exactly like he killed his brother!


Trying to turn my Wesley into a murderer. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
He only got away with killing his brother because of the situation.


I can be a killer! I don’t mind! :smiley: :smirk:


Season 3 is in full swing!
Episode 64 of Speak has been published!


Another amazing Episode. I just worry what Trip’s new job will yield.