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I thought I could promote my story here. I am sorry about that.
Any idea how I can remove it


edit the post and replace it with a cat gif :3


Episode 65 of Speak has been Published


Episode 66 of Speak has been Published


Episode 67 has been Published.


I was on chapter 58 that when my phone broke and I lost everything


You should be able to recover it if you saved your login data.


I coudn’t cause I never login to anything


Episode68 has been published


What you up to Bree??? :thinking:

and I’m so proud of Lizzy taking the news so well! :heart_eyes:


Liz is such a trooper. Sure, it hurt, but she knew she needed to be strong for Wes. So proud of her.


Wes seems to be more broken now :pensive:


I agree. Wes is shattered. I just really hope that Wes gets the results he wants, for his own sanity.


Sorry but this not a place to promote your story, make your own thread to promote it, this one is only for story Speak by @J.Miley


@Apes @AnnieAEpisode Wes is definitely completely devastated.

On one hand, Bree could have kept Devon from him for five years and missing out on any part of your child’s life is crushing. One of the reasons I left the military was because I missed so much of the two years of my daughter’s life.

On the other hand, Bree could be using Devon to extort money from Wes, which not only is an insult, but Wes knows how insecure Liz is with fears of not being able to have children.

He feels pain for himself, as well as pain for Liz.


Double Update
Episodes 69 & 70 of Speak have been published!
Only 20 Episodes left…


Episode 71 has been published.


Episode 72 has been published .
Make sure to fasten your seatbelts and grab that box of Kleenex.
You’re gonna need it