Story Promotion: Thriller: Detenu

Thriller: Detenu

Every ten years, the underground city of Sarvana sends five prisoners to the surface to see if it is inhabitable. In three hundred years, no one has returned.

Choices Matter
Multiple Endings


IMO This story should have won the Thriller contest.
I read all the winning entries and many others and I am very disappointed Episode did not put this story on the shelf. It has a very unique plot line, the pace keeps you engaged, the directing is flawless, and there are so many different endings its not funny.
How in the world did this story not make it on the shelf?

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This story should definitely have been on the thriller shelf! It was my favorite along with “Hello?” and “Ghostwriter”.
I recommend everyone who hasn’t read “Detenu” yet, to go and read it! :slight_smile:

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