Story Promotion: What’s Your Element Quiz

Hi Lovelies,

This is actually a quiz not a traditional story persay. I’d love for people to take it! It’s supplemental to my paranormal romance story, Elemental Season 1. So for those who read it, you get bonus scenes but you don’t have to read Elemental to take the quiz.

Story Title: What’s Your Element?
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Description: Are you an earth, fire, water, metal or air element? Take the quiz to find out!

Also as a note, for those who take it, please share your results on here and social media with the hashtag elementalquiz and my instagram which is penspaperanddreams
The element that gets the most shares will get its own short story.

Thanks! :two_hearts:

I got Earth! :deciduous_tree:

But is this meant to be like this:

~ Winter :snowflake:

Argh! No! Today has really been Friday the 13th! Everything is going wrong :cry: I’ll try to check out what went wrong. Thanks for playing and reading!

I don’t believe in that. My day has gone fine. :woman_shrugging:t3: And no problem. :slight_smile:

No it’s definitely individual. Today has been a horrible day for a variety of reasons but normally my Friday the 13th days are great.

Oh, sorry about that even though it’s not my fault lol. :slight_smile:

The issue has been corrected. Thank you so much for letting me know!

Earth has some exciting powers in the world of Elemental which you will see soon!

No problem. :blush:

I love personality quizzes :slightly_smiling_face:
Did you make this by yourself? It’s pretty good, I got fire and my result/description was quite accurate.

Great! Fire has some amazing capabilities which you’ll see in Elemental.

:joy: That’s a very fire like question to ask. Corvenea helped me with an error message I had in the script, but everything else I did myself.

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