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Hey guys,
I have a question I came up with some new stroy ideas but I don’t know if I should merge them or do both of the seperate.

One is about two people falling in love with each other in a video game but don’t know who they really are in real life.

Another is finding true beauty within yourself.

Which one should I choose or should I do both?


hm…I would go with the second one, then go to the first one.

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2nd one has a good message but I’d go with the first one :wink:

Personally, I feel like it’d be good if you merge both together cause it would show that you’re able to incorporate two important messages in one story, like killing two birds with a stone. But again, each idea deserves to shine on its own, so do you.

Both ideas are great, but i would probably go with the first one!

Yeah, I thought about suggesting that to them but wasn’t so sure :thinking:

I think itd be a great idea :blush:

Agree :+1: :100:

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Sorry for not responding.
I was thinking about that too but I can’t find a way to piece them together

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Just take your time, and the rest would fall into place. Don’t need to rush with these type of things :hugs:

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