Story r4r n story promotions

Helloooooo guys I recently just published 4 episodes and I want to do R4R’s with others in the community.

I recently (today) made the linktree thing. (I know so behind lol). Just click on the link, fill the forum, and follow me on instagram so we can start doing the R4R’s!!!
@shiv.episode is my instagram

Can’t wait to read your stories !!


My story is nowhere near ready, but I’ll def read yours!

:point_right:Hey ya’all, feel free to check mine too
:point_right:Story: THE DEMONS
:point_right:Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy (And includes some comedies too)
:point_right:Story link:
:point_right:Short description: Lilith is a powerless but physically strong demon, raised by the devil Lord Drack.
Things gets complicated when she turns 17. Find out what would happen when enters a new era.
:point_right:Chapters so far: 5
:point_right:If ya’all recommend me ur stories, I’ll read 'em!
:point_right:My insta: @thams.epi


I’ll check out ur story :blush:

here’s my story if you’d like to do r4r:

Title: reveal 9:00 AM to Brooklyn
Description: Who knew one train to Brooklyn could change your life? Will it change for the better, or worse?
Chapters published: 3


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Hey everyone, I have given my story a huge update recently and there will be new chapters soon! It’s called “A day in the life of me…” Here’s the link: Follow Leah’s TOTALLY NORMAL life! As she experiences fake friends, heartbreak and plenty of fun in this episode story! Limelight Female MC Customisation :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: