STORY: Raises Awareness To Different Kinds Of Abuse And Disorders Etc


:point_right: Story: It Must Have Been Love 2 :point_left:

This story has different goals, but the most important one would be that I try my best to raise awareness to different kinds of abuse and disorders.
It’s a sequel from It Must Have Been Love. While I’m not as proud of the first book (hence, I was still learning while making it) I am real confident that you can get into this story without having read the first book.

Bringing awareness to abuse and disorders is something that I feel is significant since I, myself, have had a severe depression for a couple of difficult years (I take antidepressants and working towards living a happy life, day by day, month by month, year by year…) and having handicap in my family etc.
Episode has definitely been one strong factor that eases my pain by writing down my thoughts and making it a story that some people seem to enjoy reading. Making Episode and writing my passion.

Story Genre: Drama, Romance
I update pretty frequently! Maybe 2 times per month.

I hope that you will give my story a chance, and I would also appreciate any kind of feedback I can get.

I hope you all have a great day! :sparkling_heart: Thanks for reading and Stay strong everyone!


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