Story rank pleawe help


Hey redears! I published my first story that I worked really hard on, I’m a student so between each exam I sat down and wrote because I enjoy it and I really want people to give their opinions on my story and read it. So if you can help me my story is Upside Down by MCMPLL gener :drama :smile:


I will try in the next few days, i am also a new writer and i have just published my first ever story!


Congratulations what’s the name of the story?


The TwIsT uP, but i would ask you rather to read it after 4th June because i am entering a contest and i have heard that reads don’t count before the end of the applying contest.


What is your story’s name? So I can say to my Instagram Page to read your story?
same goes for you @MCMPL


Upside Down gener :drama
Thank you very much!


Got it :slight_smile:


The TwIsT uP: genre: Fantasy----But i have heard that reads before the ending of applies in the contest don’t count, but thank you for caring! Is it true tho?


yep, absolutely true



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