Story Ranking Showing N/A

My story had a pretty good ranking few days back and I have also added gem choices to make sure I have a ranking!! But now the story ranking is showing N/A. I don’t know what’s happening but it’s really upsetting😓!! If you guys know anything about this then please do reply😊
Thank you❤️


Maybe it’s under review?

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Hi, same just happened to me! My story is #24 in general rank but in genre it says N/A. I’m assuming it is a glitch or if it’s a something else I’d love to hear more about it because I did not get any email about my story getting under review or being against guidelines.

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I did not get any email that says my story is under review :confused:

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@elizabethj in my case both general and genre shows N/A :confused:

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What’s your story? Maybe if you send the link I could try to see if it opens, If it doesn’t it’s under review. If it does it’s probably a glitch

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@coconvt My story name is Undeniable Love
This is the link

It’s showing to me, so probably a bug

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@coconvt what can I do to fix this?:pleading_face:

I have absolutely no idea :see_no_evil: maybe write a ticket to Episode?

Hey there…
I have the same issue… I submit 3 tickets and got no answer and guess what? The story who is invisible is a contest entry (FT) and they took it from rank at the deadline day who the reads start actually count… did you get an answer? :pleading_face:

Happened to my Fairy Tale contest story too. I’m waiting for a reply. Keep sending tickets!

Hey, I am new to this community. Recently I also faced this problem. My story was showing rank till last night. But today it’s showing N/A. Could you please tell me what is the reason as you have faced this before?
How did it resolve?

I am having the same problem too. Can anyone help me?

The only time my stories showed NA under rank is when they were under review, you won’t receive an email until the review is over with either approval or saying areas that still need to be fixed. My stories both continued to get reads while it was being reviewed.

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This help a lot

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How long it takes them for the review because I have the exact same problem for 2 of my stories and one of them is like that for several months. Is it possible? I send a ticket about it and I’m waiting for their answer🙏

I had the same problem that the ranking shows N/A I send a ticket today and I’m waiting for their answer. I have done that before but they wanted me send my portal link which I was confused about this before but now I send the right now so they must fix it soon, I’ll let you know when they answer.

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So, the N/A rank means that the story is under review and needs to modified as it’s goes against some guidelines.
Check your emails as episode would notify you about it and the changes you have to do.

Hope xx

Hi, thank you for informing me. I just want to let you know that my story is reviewing and I can see the rank from the portal again so the problem is fixed.
Thank you, have a good day.

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