Story Ranking Showing N/A

My story had a pretty good ranking few days back and I have also added gem choices to make sure I have a ranking!! But now the story ranking is showing N/A. I don’t know what’s happening but it’s really upsetting😓!! If you guys know anything about this then please do reply😊
Thank you❤️


Maybe it’s under review?

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Hi, same just happened to me! My story is #24 in general rank but in genre it says N/A. I’m assuming it is a glitch or if it’s a something else I’d love to hear more about it because I did not get any email about my story getting under review or being against guidelines.

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I did not get any email that says my story is under review :confused:

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@elizabethj in my case both general and genre shows N/A :confused:

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What’s your story? Maybe if you send the link I could try to see if it opens, If it doesn’t it’s under review. If it does it’s probably a glitch

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@coconvt My story name is Undeniable Love
This is the link

It’s showing to me, so probably a bug

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@coconvt what can I do to fix this?:pleading_face:

I have absolutely no idea :see_no_evil: maybe write a ticket to Episode?

Hey there…
I have the same issue… I submit 3 tickets and got no answer and guess what? The story who is invisible is a contest entry (FT) and they took it from rank at the deadline day who the reads start actually count… did you get an answer? :pleading_face:

Happened to my Fairy Tale contest story too. I’m waiting for a reply. Keep sending tickets!

Hey, I am new to this community. Recently I also faced this problem. My story was showing rank till last night. But today it’s showing N/A. Could you please tell me what is the reason as you have faced this before?
How did it resolve?