Story Rankings and Trending Section Changes Have Been Rolled Back


Thanks for the explanation and I know how y’all @Liz Are very busy and I’m sorry for all the ungrateful authors who don’t realize all the hard work y’all do


So this would mean it’s measured by retention?

I wonder if this will still allow the same stories that always trend to stay trending or will smaller, more diverse stories rise to the surface as well?

Really curious how this will play out bc there are sooo many stories (100-1000 reads) that are incredible but don’t get recognized simply bc they’re not the norm.


I am so DONE! with this biased trending thing!


Liz is saying that if a story has one million reads in total but got 0 reads in the past hour, a story with 100 reads in total that got 100 reads in the past hour would rank higher in the trending section, so I’m not sure what you mean.


Thank you for this Liz! This makes alot of sense to me :slight_smile:


I actually saw a post by LB on Instagram, informing us that they are working on the lip colors, if that’s part of what you are referring to :slight_smile:


did you mean: it’s just an illusion


Nah, Miss MJ probably gets more reads in her stories in an hour than I do in a day at least :joy:


for real. she’s the most popular author on the app and her stuff is rarely trending


So? Look how long it took them to actually consider it. And the other things are still not either way. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I was only sharing an information on the topic you’ve been talking about because I thought you might be interested. :woman_shrugging:


I’m not too hesitant at the idea of this.


What I’m saying is if top ranking story gets 100 reads and fresh new story get also 100 reads, it needs to be valuated somehow, that popular story reads are worth less in percentages.

For example:
Story A has 10.000 reads.
Story B has 100 reads.

Both stories get in same time +100 reads, but that needs to be calculated somehow like this:
100 is 1% from 10.000, so story A should rise on ranking 1% for those 100 reads.

100 is 100% from 100, so story B should rise on ranking 100% for those 100 reads.


It is not new system, they’re using the one and only.


And not even old or “the idea” were good.


Finally the mess is cleaned up…


It’s not reader retention. The trending algorithm looks only at the number of completed chapters. Retention looks at what percentage of readers who start your story finish later chapters.

Retention doesn’t really factor into how a story trends or ranks.

Remember, all we have done here is go back to the same trending system we had before.


I know the same system is reinstated but then you said this.

That implies that it will be changing.


@Liz Thanks for clearing things up!