Story Reccomnedations

I am looking for some new stories to read. I am currently in a slump with finding some stories so I could really use some. I am open to Fantasy, Romance, and Drama so please leave any recomendations you habe below!

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peeks in

hello there. I have a list.

  • Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M (she feeds on the tears of readers)
  • Wasted Roses by Genevieve M
  • H&V: Bad to the Bone by Lee Funk (LEE IS AMAZINGGG)
  • Galileo School of Magic by Lee Funk
  • Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH (they are so hilarious it’s beautiful)
  • Silver Sonder by TORIAH
  • Hell’s Verdict by RA Ross (RA Ross is m a s t e r f u l)
  • Red Christmas by RA Ross
  • Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni (everyone vouches for this author’s skills and everyone is correct)
  • Dream Job: Silent Voice by Luna Rose (a beautiful touching story)
  • Black Absinthe by Kay Elle (honestly read anything by Kay Elle it’ll be amazing I promise)
  • Strange Fruit by Kay Elle

And because I couldn’t resist a tiny bit of self promo- Spotlight: Upstaged by Mehek (it only has SLIGHTLY too much rickrolling)


I have few suggestions…

  • The lovely one (limelight)

  • The New Girl

  • With or Without You

  • Killer couple

  • First Love

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The Shaw Brothers
The New Girl
Four Kingdoms
Fine Line
Girl In Manhattan
My Skater Lover

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From The Other Side Series.

I have 3 stories

•Title: Human?
•# of episodes : 12
•Genre: fantasy
•Style: ink
•Author: shantastic1999
•Description: An evil potion, magical beings, murder, and new enemies. That’s so NOT what Luciana signed up for when she slid into a bar.

•Title: Just For Him [EPISODE 1 & 2 ONLY]
•Style: ink
•Genre: drama
•Author: shantastic1999
•Description: Being too broke to afford treatment for her dying dad, Zoey is left with the last resort of accepting a scientist’s offer — doing his dirty work in return for a cure. CC

More episodes of this story will come!

•Title: Revenge Is Best Served With…
•Author: shantastic1999
•Genre: Fantasy/Thriller/comedy
•# of episodes: 3
•Description: You initiate a deadly revenge on your cheating boyfriend, but will you regret it and save him at the last minute? CC

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