Story Recommendations (April 2018)

My favorites are a little bit empty as of now so I thought I would see what people are reading right now! My favorite type of stories to read are thriller/horror stories, but I read pretty much every genre on here.

What I’m reading:

  • Cinderella (the one about the app, I don’t remember the author)
  • What’s On Sunday by Nour Debian
  • My Sugar Baby Affair by YPWrites
  • From 1958 by YPWrites
  • Maid for You by Alex Light

Cinderella and Maid for u are nice stories!


What I’m reading now:
The Gangs by Cleodora (the first few chapters might not be very good but the rest is amazing!)
Not All Bad by Penelope

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The Cinderella one, I think was written by Peiyang or something like that, if its the same one I read and liked.
Is YPWrites still writing From 1958? I heard she is discontinuing it. I wanted to read it but didn’t because I heard she is not continuing it. Do you know her/

Yep, that’s the one I’m talking about! Omg no, really? :frowning: That’s really too bad. No, I don’t know her, but that really sucks that she’s not finishing it anymore.

It’s just what I heard. @YPWrites are you here? Can you confirm if you are still writing From 1958 or not? Or can anyone else who knows YPwrites confirm? I don’t know for sure if she is. She may have changed her mind.

I’m still writing it and will be continuing :heart:
~ Yolande

I’m happy to hear that. I will definitely add it to my favorites! It looks good!!

Yes!!! It’s one of my favorite stories at the moment. :slight_smile:

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I love…
Fine Line. by Ebonni,
Blurred lines. by SK Tales,
Adrenaline. by Ebonni,
Her protector. by Courtney Bre,
Death’s Game: A New Era. by earlgreytea,
House of Fun. by The Tea Psychos

1.Pregnant by the bad boy inhaler. by Jalissa
2.Fantastical: Issac The Fairy King. by Jalissa+Ebonni


I recommend reading the Chain Reaction and It’s just an Illusion series by MissMJ. MissMJ is currently making a 3 season of Its just an Illusion called “Its just an Illusion: Regrets. Chain Reaction and IJAI are not one series. IJAI is a continuation to the Chain Reaction series, so reading Chain Reaction first is recommended. Both IJAI and Chain Reaction are about mafias. I have read all of them and I REALLY enjoyed it! I also recommend Deep Attraction by LadyDianna. It’s is also a series and has 3 seasons. Well, that’s it. (Sorry that this post is long) Bye​:smiley::wave:t4:

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