Story recommendations im bored

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Style : INK
Genre : Romance/Comedy
Status: Complete

my Instagram is @xena.epii

Description : Jane, a girl with a dull life suddenly has more on her plate after going on a blind date she wasn’t supposed to. And meeting a man she preferred not to. will she be okay?


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: UL: BLIND DATE

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hihi, thanks for this thread :hugs: my story has 10 chapts out so far with updates on my insta@/violetdragon.episode , if you want to check out some scenes in it I posted :sweat_smile:



Where August walks, danger looms, and their name is the A Squad: dedicated to have him for themselves. Whatever the cost. That is until Noelle shows up, and she’s all for justice.

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Hi! I’d love to recommend two of my stories below:
Title: FT: Sanctum
By: Naoba (IG: @naoba.writes)
Genre: Adventure
Description: In this retelling of Robin Hood, Robin must juggle his love life, his duties as prince and his double life as the leader of an unruly gang of bandits while trying to stay alive in Sanctum!
Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal

Story Features:

  • Male MC
  • 1 Love interest
  • Point system
  • Full CC
  • mini games


Title: Never Trust an Andrew
By: Naoba (IG: @naoba.writes)
Genre: Drama
Description: A songwriter with an Andrew obsession is persuaded to accept a mysterious aunt’s invitation to spend the summer at an exclusive island that’s bent on breaking her & her friends down
Story Features:

  • Female MC
  • 2 Love interests
  • Point system
  • Limited CC
  • mini games/ create your own songs

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal


Never_trust_an_Andrew_posterThumb_uu08TlhcIl (2)

Hey, Love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My newest story is Daylight, which is all you need! A romantic drama, wrapped around a slowly unfading mystery line. :shushing_face:

The description: " Starting a new life in New York in hope for leaving the tormenting anxiety behind, slowly gets to its aim when a mysterious writer lightens up the darkest days of Macy’s. "

And if you might need a link: Episode Writer Portal

It’d make me so happy, if you may give it a chance! :pleading_face:

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thank you guys for recommendations, I will be sure to check them all out :heart:

(if you have something, don’t be shy drop some more recs :wink:)

I have Gaming entry and I’d be grateful if you could read all 3 chapters in one-sitting if you give it a try. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gaming: 𝐀𝐫𝐞𝐚 𝐨𝐟 𝐄𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭
After being framed, Luna was banned and lost her champion title. So when her hot rival wants her to join the team under a hidden identity, she makes a deal to find out the truth.


:space_invader: Full CC
:space_invader: F/M LI
:space_invader: Point system [determines interactions, routes and endings]
:space_invader: No gems
:space_invader: Choices matter
:space_invader: Minigames
:space_invader: Advance directing + Music & Sound
:space_invader: Multiple endings
:space_invader: Bonuses & fun facts & arts

Here’s my story, if you’re interested :purple_heart:

Title : Dawn of Mystic
Genre : Fantasy
Chapters out : 4 (chapters are lengthy with a lot more coming soon with weekly-biweekly updates)
Description : Angels and demons are polar opposites, but what happens when worlds collide? The truth can only be hidden for so long, and Marlene has yet to find out her true origins. (CC)
Author : Nyah
IG : nyah.writes
Style : Limelight
Features : 3 love interests (LGBT included), points system, timed choices, advanced directing
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hi, I just published my story a few days ago and you could read it perhaps?

:sunflower: Title: Salt in The Wound
:sunflower: Full CC for MC, one LI, one ending, points system
:sunflower: Genre: Romance/Drama
:sunflower: Description: Her first love transfers back to her school after a year of not hearing from him. What if they cross paths? Will new feelings bloom? Or will her hatred outweigh these feelings?
:sunflower: Impactful Choices

If you want to see my story cover you can view it here it was drawn by me! :two_hearts:

Story Link:

My story explores - new + old friendships, hard past, moving on, coming of age, first love, family problems and more :sunflower:

Thanks for this thread <3

Name: Struggles of a Teenager
The description: How hard can a teenager’s life be? Well, it can be pretty messed up with when life decides to hit you in the face with puberty and teen emotions…
story link: Episode Writer Portal

Instagram: @xena.epii

Heyyyy, I’m umm new to this soooo ummm this is coolll. Anyways here’s my story. (R4R)
Title: Ms. Problematic
By: Ivy Vale
IG:(none I’m trying to stay anonymous lol)
Genre: Lgbtq+,Romance, & Comedy (The episodes are honestly, only around 5 minutes :S
About: Enemies to lovers: Kim is in here final year of college ready to take on the world! However, her plans seem to change after meeting her soon to be enemy, Adeline…CC
Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

-Did I just copy the person above me…yes, yes I did. Shoutout to them! Also I follow back so you know follow me…(jkjk)…If you get the chance please read it I’ll do the same for you :hugs:

Thanks for making this thread. I’d love to recommend my current story!

Title: Deadly Nightshade

Genre: Thriller
Subgenres: Mystery, Drama

Description: “The balance of black and white.” After a woman’s brutal murder, her ghost returns for revenge. But ambition, betrayal, and tragedy unfold in her quest for vengeance…

:wilted_flower: Limited CC (black MC)
:wilted_flower: Tappable menu
:wilted_flower: Advanced directing (overlays, zooms, filters, etc) & points system used
:wilted_flower: Diverse cast
:wilted_flower: No gem choices other than “support the author”
:wilted_flower: No romance. (It’s not a major part of the story.)
:wilted_flower: Bonus scenes are free!
:wilted_flower: Sounds/music are heavily used
:wilted_flower: You can also skip heavy/triggering scenes and there are warnings used if there’s no skip option.

Episodes: 9, season 1 is complete.

Instagram: @kikis.stories


Here’s my story Blind To Blood. There are 29 episodes and it’s ongoing. It’s a mystery/ fantasy. 🩷

Claudia lives an ordinary life until she discovers that her new neighbor is a vampire. Will she survive once her world is turned upside down?

Here are my two stories if you’re interested!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hate the Player: Episode Writer Portal

Dark Star: Episode Writer Portal

Hello here is mine.
Episode Writer Portal)

I would recommend my story: Eight-eens!
This is the description for it:
“Eight teens. Lots of drama. Lots of challenges…
Play as Veronica who navigates life facing family drama, high-school drama, love and of course her big friendship group.”

Feel free to read mine. If you have, great! If not, no worries.
There have been a few more chapters released.

It’s fantasy genre but with other sub themes involve haha.
My story is called, Tribe of Malapinchi. @iloveepisodee

Hi there!

Here are my story details:

Title: Luminesce
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure, drama
Episode chapters: 9 (will be completed with 10)
Style: Ink
Link: Luminesce on Episode
Description: Against all odds (and rules), Nimue embarks on a journey across the galaxy to be with her soulmate. Will she ever find her way to him?

Story Covers

These wonderful covers were made by @/agatha_draws on instagram.

If you’re not sure this story is for you, I’ve posted some old reviews (fanmail and other feedback) I got on it on this thread:Luminesce - a fantasy adventure between the stars✨, so that might give you a better impression of the story :wink: Unfortunately you can’t comment on the thread anymore as it’s been archived, but if you have any feedback or just want to chat about it or anything else, feel free to message me here or on my instagram: @writer.trishagold. That’s where I also post updates and more Episode related content (edits, tips & tricks, etc.).

Happy reading! :kissing_heart:

Hey, Thanks for this post. I just recently completed Season 3 of my story called The Adventures of Samantha the Fairy. You can check it out below:

Title: The Adventures of Samantha the Fairy
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: INK
Episodes: 36 (Season 3 COMPLETE) (ONGOING)
Genre: Fantasy
Description: There’s always peace in Mondanasia unless evil destroys it. Can Princess Samantha save the land of Mondanasia in time?
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Here are links and info on the other stories I wrote:
Title: Monster Castle LL
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3 (ONGOING)
Genre: Horror
Description: You saw a video of the Monster Castle. You also won the contest but, was
this all an evil plot?

:gem: Choose your Gender
:gem: Choose your Sibling’s Gender
:gem: Choose your Love Interest Gender
:gem: Choose your sibling’s love interest Gender
:gem: CC for (MC, MC’s Sibling, MC’s LI, and MC’s Sibling’s LI)
:gem: Art Scenes
:gem: A few mini games here and there
:gem: Shorter or longer story plot lines
:gem: and more…


Link: Episode Writer Portal

Title: Monster Castle (INK)
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: INK
Episodes: 15 (COMPLETE)
Genre: Horror
Description: You’ve seen the video, you won the contest. But was this an evil plot to get you to come to the Monster Castle? (CC, Sibling CC, tappable minigame, choices, etc.)
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Title: Demon in the Closet
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: INK
Episodes: 7 (COMPLETE)
Genre: Horror
Description: Debby’s life is changed forever after the sudden disappearance of her parents. She must find them before it’s too late.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Title: Super Wolf Girl
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 17 (ONGOING)
Genre: Action
Description: Terronica becomes a hero for one night and then suddenly becomes the town of Bluewood’s favorite wolf hero ever. But will she save the town from evil foes?
Super_Wolf_Girl_31_posterThumb_IOJV0bbi3n (1)
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Title: The Fantasy World of Berlanda
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 6 (ON HOLD)
Genre: Fantasy
Description: In the Fantasy World of Berlanda, two royal heroes named Princess Mia and Prince Drake go on quests and adventures to save their fantasy kingdom from evil.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Title: Squad: The Gavinville Paranormal Team
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 5 (ONGOING)
Genre: Action
Description: In Gavinville, monsters attempt to plague the city with its enhanced evil, and it is up to five squad heroes Karen, Sharon, Regina, and Max and Kyle to stop them. But will they?
The_Paranormal_Team_Limelight_posterThumb_nlGCSs926r (3)
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Thanks so much for this post :smiley: :slight_smile: :sparkles: :butterfly:

Thank you for this thread! I would like to recommend my own story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Story name: The Queen and the Rogue :princess:t5::ninja:t3::crown:

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Malika is next in line to the throne to become Queen of the werewolves. What will happen when she meets her mate who is a rogue? The uphill battle begins…

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Chapters: There are currently 7 chapters out- I am releasing chapter 8 this week and the first 4 chapters have been revamped!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My name on Episode & Instagram: kasha.writes