Story recommendations please <3


So recently I haven’t really been on the episode app too much, this is because I can’t really find a story that has clicked with me. I have no idea what to read, so what are your suggestions? My favourite genres are thriller, horror and adventure (I’m not into the bad boy kind of stories btw) can someone help please? Also, @Sydney_H I have no idea if this is in the right category.


I love thriller too, I’ve wrote a thriller story, but it’s published only a week ago and haven’t much reads.
But I wanna work on myself. I didn’t think you wanted a story, that isn’t top, but anyway here’s the link


River by Alexandria :heart:
It’s a very beautiful, sweet story :wink:


Moved to Community since it’s about favorite stories. :wink: Don’t hesitate to ask me if you’re not sure, I’m always happy to help :smile: