Story recommendations please x

So I have been going on a episode sesh these past few days and I am caught up with all the current story’s I am reading
If anyone has story suggestions please tell me
I like story’s about gangs baddass girl or boys anything like that

have you read mine? retrace

also vacation nightmare is pretty good

You can try , you’re playing like a girl who is a warrior :slight_smile:

To Whom it May Concern is really good!

Adrenaline is amazing omg.

I’ve just published my first Episode called ‘Deadly Love’, I’d love if you’d check it out and give me some feedback on my Episode account mollyroseepisode :slight_smile:

Adventurous: Seven Seas
Adventurous: RPG
Breathing Crimson
The Infected
Runaway Princess
Any Contest Winner Stories!

If I have any more, I will edit this and add them on!

Hey my story is a dramatic romance about the mafia.
Title: What Did I Do?
Author: Miss. JD5
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 31, more to come
Style: Ink
Description: Dani’s life hasn’t been an easy one and it doesn’t get any easier when an accident causes her to loose her memory. She gets caught up in the mafia world, but will she survive? Partial CC