Story recommendations please?!

Hi, um I desperately need smth to read so I need some recommendations,
(And I love stories where females are strong and badasses just to let you know)


Here are my recommendations!


Here’s a list I recommend:
Just A Mess by @EmpressVanessa
Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri
Stand by Me by @ChaoticDreamz
Him and I by @KamiN

You can give my story a try if you’d like!

Title: Too Much Baby Mama Drama
Author: Lex
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: He has baby mama drama and a lot of it! Will you be able to deal with it or will you find comfort in the arms of someone else?



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:hugs: Here are some #SmallEpisodeAuthor Gemz!
:gem: Kotton Kandie by @prettyeri
:gem: Stand By Me by @chaoticdreamz
:gem: Too Much Baby Mama Drama by @Lex2
:gem: Galaxies Intertwined by @nattyjames.epi

Here are my two stories…

Title: Just A Mess…
Author: Empress Vanessa
Style: Ink
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
CC: Will be in Episode 8
# of Episodes : 7 (On Going)
About my story:
I got the idea of this story by reading so many great stories that I wanted to combine them all and do a parody! I hope you will take a chance to laugh and be happy reading my story!
Description: Summer attends a new High School & has a few admires. Mr. Soprano fools round w/his personal assistant at work, but is that enough for Kendra? Or will she go back to her sugar daddy? PARODY Choices Matter!
Intagram: @vanessa.on.episode & @justamess.on.episode

I do hope you check it out and enjoy! :hugs::blue_heart:


Title: Living In The Moment
Author: Empress Vanessa
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama/Romance
CC: Yes
# of Episodes: 3 (4&5 will be released together.) (On Going)
About My Story:
This story was first produced on the app and my first story I wrote. It originally has 8 episodes already, but I have changed a lot since then. I had based it on my life. I do hope you take a chance and enjoy it!
Description: When she decides to leave LOVE alone due to her failed relationships, she tries to become focused on SELF & NO MEN. Yet, living in the moment may be a better way to live…maybe.
Choices Matter!
Instagram: @vanessa.on.episode

I do hope you check it out and enjoy! :hugs::blue_heart:


Thank you so much again, Annie for recommending so many of my stories :sob::sob::sob::kissing_heart:

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Mafia Rebels by Charlotte Kate

This is my story, give it a try if you feel like it! Hope you like it if you do. :blush:

Title: The Promotion
Chapters: 7
Genre: Romance
Style: INK
Eric and Hazel cross paths in Hawaii. He finally got the much awaited promotion, but something might get in his way. What decision will he make and what role will Hazel play in it?

Hey! I’d really appreciate if you could check out my story :smile:.

Title: Him & I
Author: Kami N.
No. episodes published: 3 so far(ongoing)
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama, Romance
Description: Samantha Hayes’ life is going smoothly until she meets two guys. One will change her perception of things to make sure she has the time of her life. I don’t want to give too much away, hence the short description. Seems cliché at first, but things will change.
Instagram: @episode.kamii
Small cover:

I listed some of my favourites on my post here: My 2018 Story Recommendations! :wink:

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Maybe you wanna give it a try.
My story is more when the woman is the leader…not just any leader…a Mafia leader :wink:
The actions part will be in the later episode :wink:

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama / Mafia / Girl Power
Chapters: 9
Description: Rose Beaumont is ready to takeover the Mafia world. However, life doesn’t goes her way. Her twin was taken while an assassin targets to kill her. Will the Beaumont twins manage to fight on or will love gets in the way? #girlpower

Rose&Sophia.jpg1242x1541 1.1 MB

credit to: ellendrawings_(IG)
Open to anyone! RFR :wink:
DO let me know what you think! :wink:

Obsession storm by Anna B.
My psycho by Bukii
War dogs by Kayla S.
Yandere Love (INK) by Anna Jaeger
Undeniable Flame by Xandra M

Thank you so much, Annie!

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Off the top of my head:

  • TEN DAYS by L.G. Listen… Thomas and Nikita are everything. I live for them being two intelligent, capable business people in love who simultaneously are too foolish to know the other person feels the same way. King and Queen of agonizing fanfic-worthy romance.

  • American Folklore by Em Sandigo. I don’t know how to summarize without giving too much away, but the player character returns to her small town after years of being away and everything grows eerie. I’d call it a paranormal thriller. It’s very good and well-directed.

  • .:Fantastical: The Frontier:. by Kay Elle. I die a little inside when I think of how well-done it is. You’re the Sheriff (gender, sexuality, looks, etc are all customizable) trying to keep the peace in a western town, which is all fine and dandy until two opposing tribes (werewolves vs vampires) start vying for the same land. Highly recommended.


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I would be happy and thankful if you give my story some reads😍

Title: Together Forever - My Hot Soulmate
Author: Ada
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Version: Limelight
Episode out till date: 06
If you wish, follow me on IG: @ adalovlin.episode
If you like, follow me on FB: ada.lovalin.5

Storyline Description:
Smart & Beautiful Ada, born to Lawyer & Undercover COP, willing to follow her dreams in the same legal boundaries.

Stubborn & Handsome Nathan, a born mobster and future king of his territory.

Ada loses her Dad and it changes her life upside down, But Nathan regained her soul back into her life! Without knowing their real identities, they fall for each other !

But what happens when they both finds their true face??? Will Ada still love Nathan when she found the reason for her Father’s Death!!!

To read the story just go through this link:

My Story: Capture2

just give it a try to read and I hope you will like it


Title: Blades of Desire

Author: Giselle C.

Genre: Mystery

Style: LL

Small cover:


Large cover:



A rose, caught in the fire. Will you let that fire burn you to ashes, or will you fight to put it out? The choice is yours. |CC, CM, LGBTQ option|

IG; gisellepisode

Title Rose
Author Jojo
Genre Mystery
Style Ink
Instagram @fongjoline
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?

There’s some stories I’d recommend to you
I will always find you by @maria.storywritter
Dying love by @ElleC
Neighbour daddy by @k.d_king_episode
Conflict by @tamtome.episode
Unexpected attachment by @avaonepisode
Until I met you by @jade.epi


Thank you :sob::sob:

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Title of the story : Insatiable Fatigue
Name of the author : Amor.Secret
Story genre : Drama
Story style : Ink

Story summary : He’s a cold winter; she’s a sinful rain…
Together they form an imperturbable ice.
What happens when two people with broken past encounter…

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