Story Recommendations Please :)


Hi! Got any underrated story recommendations? I’m finding it hard to find anything good to read lately
K thanks byeeee :black_heart:


“Flashback Friday” by @Daisy_W
“LOBITA” by @RudeInception
“Until I Met You” by @jade.epi




You could read my stories:

Or you could read my group @Episode-Royalty’s stories:

  • Surviving Love
  • Thorns
  • Fantastical: Falling From Grace

Or you could read my friend’s story:

  • Fantastical: Virtues of Destiny - @S.Dsana

~ :snowflake:


I will definitely try to read all of them!!


Thank you! We’d appreciate it!! :blush:


If you’d like to give me a birthday present, my story is called Exorcism Of Phoebe! :grin:


Happy Birthday!! Of course I’ll read it!!


Thank you so much! :heart::heart:


Happy Birthday, Turtle Trainer :smiley: :grin:


Thank you! Oh btw, you should read “I feel it coming” by @Apes! The directing is phenomenal!


Thank you! But no one will beat uwe and evil rose :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::weary:


I don’t want to sound cocky lol but u could read my story. I think it’s good so far and I’d love to see what you think. Here’s the link…


@meadowh what style are the characters?




Porcelain by Rahatul. My fav :slight_smile:


Check out Dirty Little Secrets


Thanks, I’ll read it.


I have a really good list of stories that are incredible!!


Oh just FYI these all are Limelight.