Story Recommendations Please?


Does anyone have any LL or classic story reccomendations? Please nothing with bad boys or sex with the teacher. Im just really sick of those plots. Maybe character customization and maybe takes place in highschool?
But something that is actually a good read.


Try Ashes by Kay Dee. The MC’s are high school students. There’s no CC, but it’s a good read.


I can’t find it


Jealousy in high heels
Twins in high heels (read after first one)
Me plus three limelight edition
The new us 2.0


Bye Bye Bad Boy would be my first suggestion. It’s currently on the shelf.
Hit and Run by Elise C also ticks all your boxes.
So does Envy and Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy G
It’s a boy girl thing by Fmr


This is Ink but it is totally different. You haven’t seen it in Episode before.
Title- Retaliation.
Written by Saka Moshood Abiodun


@RyRydoezepisode @amberose @youngblackboy Thanks! I’m gonna try some out


Did you try searching for the author’s name


Yeah I didn’t find anything


Have you red any of my recommended?


Bad Apple
Broke AF
Two Lives
Reputation (not sure if they are in public HS but the characters are young)


Not yet :grinning:




I looked. If you search the author’s name, a story called Aphrodite shows up, if you click on the author’s profile, you should find it there, just in case you were wondering, the cover for Ashes is a black and white image of a rose lying in ashes


Haunted: Her Protector

It’s a thriller and it is a really good read - I won’t give too much away but it keeps you on your toes also at the end there’s a major plot twist.


The Ember Moon Pack bun Giselle Crescent has character customization and is about high school students :slight_smile: