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Hi there!
So this is my first story :two_hearts: I hope everyone has their time to read my story :two_hearts:
Title: Speechless
Chapters: 4
Author: Episode.Cheesecake
Instagram: @episode.cheesecake
Description: There are a million different ways to say “I love you”. Noah’s happens to be the one without words. After meeting Grace unexpectedly, Noah’s life takes a turn to another direction.


Story: Blades of Desire

Author: Giselle C.

Genre: Mystery/Horror/Drama/Romance

Description: You thought going from rich to poor is the worst thing that could happen to you. Think again… a hot murderer is in town and he’s looking for you.

Features: Advanced directing, non-cliche plot line, choices matter, FULL character customization, unique and big closet, POC and LGBTQ characters, LGBTQ option, mini games.

Episodes: 3, 4 coming soon.





I wound love to do r4r :slight_smile:
Here is my story :slight_smile:
Story Title: Blind Date with Millionaire
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Author: Senada
Published : 3 Chapters
You went on a blind date with a handsome young millionaire. What will happen when you wake up in the same bed?(Romance&Drama)


Some really great stories from fabulous authors are:
Crossed Paths by @Days
I Will Always Find You by @Maria.StoryWritter
Alone Till There Was You by @Bethany1
Please check them out, they are unique and well-written stories. :heart:

I would love it if you also could check out my first story.
Name of the story: Remember Me
The Author: Mila.episodes
Episodes: 5
Description/ Synopsis: When Dean bumps into his first love, she doesn’t remember who he is. Through a series of misunderstandings, flashbacks, and heartbreak, will Dean hold on or forget her too?


Thank you for this thread! If anyone is interested in R4Rs, privately message me. :blush:


Thank you Hun, when will you be publishing more on your story?

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No problem hun :heart: I just published episode 5 and I’m currently working on episode 6. I’m trying to promote my story more since I’ve been slacking in that department. :see_no_evil:


OH I missed the update. I’ll have to go read it and understand I did mine fore a while also

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I appreciate that, thank you! :blush:

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Aww, thank you. :kissing_heart: I have been recommended yours. Since you have been slacking lol. Love your story.

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:joy::joy::joy: I am forever in your debt for that! Haha I’m finally getting off my lazy butt. Love your story too girl. :heart:

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MILAAAAA! I hope you are well and so glad to see you here :purple_heart: I haven’t been active lately but I saw your name and I got excited haha

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DAYSSSS :heart: I’ve missed you girl! And same, I’ve been a ghost to these forums. But I’m back! (Arnold Shwartzinager voice) haha. I’m so glad to hear from you! We’ve got to chat some more soon. :blush:

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