Story Recommendations 💿 READ EVERYTHING!

hi! :kissing_closed_eyes: i’m in need of new stories, so share some if they fit the requirements <3

  • can be INK or LL.
  • must have romance. it can be the main focus or just something on the side.
  • no pregnancy, gang/mafia, or teacher & student ones.
  • no horror stories
  • can be popular or not :woman_shrugging:t2:
  • EXTRA: i like haters to lovers or friends to lovers! slow burns as well

i’m not giving feedback or doing reviews.

this is also not a R4R thread or promote your own story so try to suggest others as well :crystal_ball:

thank you mwuah :love_letter:


Title: Oblivious
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 14 (on-going)
Description: When socially awkward Leanna catches the eye of equally awkward Kai things can’t get more awkward, can they?

Hey! I just published my adventurous contest story, and I could really use all the reads I can get, so I’d be super happy if you checked out my story. Here is some information about it:

Title: Adventurous: Our Beautiful Chaos
Story link:
Author: Maria
Episodes: 1, 2 and 3 with more coming after the contest
Genre: Adventure, with some romance and comedy
Style: Ink
Features: CC yourself, mini games, choices that matter (!), tappable overlays…
App description: When you go on the adventure of a lifetime, you did not expect a handsome man to tag along. Facing all kind of challanges, what is going to happen? You decide.
More description lol: You’re a talented girl with a great job, but are stuck in the boring everyday routine. When you suddenly get an offer to go on an adventure, you just can’t say no. And maybe the handsome man tagging along also isn’t that bad? However, if you want to stay on board of this adventure, you have to make the right choices. Will you succeed? Find out!

Story Cover:

Sneak peeks have been posted on my instagram, @episodesbymaria ! :heartpulse:
I’d feel honored if you’d decide to read my story. I have put my heart and soul into it, haha.

Love, Maria

Hi you can check out mine, only if you want to :smiley:
Title: Dark Secrets
Author: Mary Jean
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: An ordinary girl but no ordinary secrets. Join the journey as she discovers who she really is and the supernatural secrets will be revealed.
How many episodes I want reviewed: 3
Cover Picture:

Thank you for this thread!

Story: Adventurous: Time Immune
Genre: Adventure
Summary: When loud-mouth Mikea sets off on a road-trip with YOU, it becomes harder to hide the truth of your origin… oh, and that you are an immortal cyborg.
CC, POC, LGBT, multiple endings

This is a story made by me

Title: The Princess Of Fiore
Style: INK
Genre: Romance
Episode count: 10 episodes (ongoing)
Author: inkkee
Summary: An 18 year old princess whose life got turned around on the night of her 18th birthday. What exactly happened? What will happen once she falls in love with a non royal boy? I need to make a better summary…



@The_Saminator i think i’ve read some of yours! it’s good <33
@episodesbymaria @doctorwho910 @lizzy.writes @inkkee i’ll check yours out, thanks!


hey! thank you for this thread.:slight_smile:

it would mean the world to me if you could check out my story & share it, if you liked it :heartpulse:

My story name: A Heartbreak Century

Author Name: Samantha

CC: YES! you can also name the 3 most important characters

Style: INK

Genre: Drama

Completition status: ongoing, currently 15 episodes

Quick summary: my story is based on true events. “Your whole life consists of heartbreak, betrayal and bullying. But what happens when you fall unconditionally in love with your biggest bully ever?”

Instagram: samantha_episode__


I hope you will like my story! feel free to leave your thoughts either here, on my insta acc or in the fanmail😊

Thank you and lovely wishes,


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Story: Autumn Falls.
Author: Luna.
Genre: Romance.
Style: Ink.
Chapters: 18 (ongoing)


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@samantha_episode_1 @blue.moon.writes tysm <33


Here’s my story :heart:

Title: Twisted
Author: Empress
Genre: Mystery/Crime/Romance (a little)
Chapters: 10 (ongoing)
Style: INK
Was I naive… or guilty? Honest… or a liar? Maybe you can be a better judge of it than me. But listen to this story carefully. It’s quite… Twisted.


Feel free to check out my story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama/Action
Chapters: 14
Description: Rose & Sophia Beaumont are tough to handle. But what if one is taken and another one has been targeted to kill? Will they able to stay strong? Or love will get in the way?
Instagram: xoroses.episode

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Mine is predominantly ink😁

My story: © Tribe of Malapinchi
Author: Jannah Jackson
Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Horror/Fantasy/Adventure
Description: Toss into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets in Asia. Can you survive, solve the havoc and save everyone before it’s too late? CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 5/6


This is my story that was published recently! I hope you enjoy it, I’ve worked really hard on it <3
AUTHOR: MalaikaTheWriter
INSTAGRAM: @/malaikathewriter
GENRE: Romance
EPISODES: 3 (more episodes coming soon)
SUMMARY: He’s popular, cool and rich. She’s quiet, hurt and broke. So why does golden boy John Park take such interest to introvert Blair Brooks?

i’ll read it! <33 thank youu

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Day Zero by Blue Canary & Yuri
Souls in Darkness by Casella
Microcide by AS007

Children of The Damned by Casella
Echo Creek by Jade R.
Nature’s Caprice by Moni M.
All These Notes by TessS
H&V: Wild West by Moon W.

From Zero to Hero by Dr Smile
Flashback Friday by Daisy W.
Have You Seen Monday? by Ruby L. Lee
Santa’s Naughty List by Shiran K.
Radio Love by Cribb

Remember Me by Mila.episodes
Lie to Me by Alexandra Mar
From This Day Forward by goth.gaia

Silhouettes by aprilish
The Four Horsemen by S_Unique
Fantastical: Black Shadow by Alex Af
Fantastical: Ticket To Paradise by Love S

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Here’s my published Adventurous contest story. Please give it a read and let me know what you think! :blush:

Title - Adventurous: Uniformed Saviour
Description - Follow Bella on a dangerous, thrilling, life-changing mission. Can YOU make the right choices to help Bella survive the path ahead? Character Customisation, Choices that matter, Tappable Overlays, Art Scenes, Minigames, 2 Love Interests and Multiple Endings.
Genre - Action
Link -
Instagram - @mollie.stories


Hey check my new story :smiley:
NAME: Crimson Red
AUTHOR: Tami Secchi
GENRE: Fantasy
DESCIPTION: Leah is half vampire-half human, unfriendly and cold due to a traumatic past, until one day her parents send her to a special College. What awaits Leah on her new journey?


Story Title: The Accident
Author: Eternity
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror And a small amount of Romance.
Style: Ink
Instagram: Epi_Etern

California 2016, you live in this beautiful country but something doesn’t seem right, the city is in danger from some monster hidden within it… Will You find out the truth about the history or will the horror come to get you. You play as your own character and You’re friends with Daniel Cruise and his mates… when you first arrive at school Daniel, Nicholas and Hollie have special “abilities” these abilities shouldn’t be abused otherwise something evil would get released. Something happens to Daniel… further through the year… What will happen to California? Is everyone safe around Daniel? Or is there a dark secret, you have to discover… The story will have a bit of romance, it’s more action, adventure with a bit of horror. You play between two character’s POV.

Total Episodes: 18
Status: More Episodes Coming Soon!

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Accident (Season - 1)

Check out this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

Here’s my story me and my friends made!
Story title: 8 letters
Author: Episodewriters
Description: Love him or hate him, there’s no middle ground when it comes to Archer. Smart, dangerous and devilishly handsome, he’ll push you to the extremes to get what he wants…You.
Cc: limited
Instagram: It’s in our bio when you enter our episode profile/fanmail.
Genre: romance/comedy
Style: ink
episodes: 5
Story link:
Here’s the photo of the cover