Story recommendations?❤️

Can you give story recommendations,Stories like eat me up,bad boy stories and high school stories,in limelight.No falling in love with teachers/bosses please.thx

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Falling For Nacido De La Mafia
The Lawyer and Me

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i stand, i find falling in love with teachers to be creepy AF. Here are some stories i love.

Not all monsters are evil (only if ur into gang stuff.)
Not all monsters are evil by L.D, even tho this story is a tiny bit cliche, the author has put some amazing plot twists and art scenes.

I also recommend the author Hopemoon, how has read some thrilling action/ romance/ drama novels!!

The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison- Loads of drama and thrilling plot twists, and a unexpected ending.
kk thanks 4 ur time Sila xxxx

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Finally someone who agrees with me.
Thanks for the recommendations

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I’m currently writing a story that takes place in high school if you’re interested in giving it a go. It’s called Cloud Cuckoo Land :sparkling_heart:
Here’s the link:


it is ok, i find it quite problematic that people fall in love with their teachers, BUT hey if you like children falling in love with adults, U DO U BOO!
p.s. DON’T COME FOR ME!, you completely entitled to your own opinion.

Xxxx Sila


I’m also not into the whole teacher student thing either so I 100% agree with you


Why, thank you!!, No hate for the people who like it tho!
ps I’ll go check out ur story! i’m no my laptop rn and episode is on my phone!

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His eyes scream danger, but if yours do even louder? (LL, CC)

Hey fam!
I thought I should inform y’ll.

I just published my second story.

TITLE : One night with the KING
DESCRIPTION : (1870) An Ancient Chinese Romance.
A maid fall in love with the dangerous king and a rigid rule of “Anyone that sees the king DIES”.
What is the fate of both your life and feeling?

GENRE; Romance and Fantasy
No customization.

Please go check it out and I’m

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