Story recommendations?

I’ve been reading a lot of stories on episode and found some really good ones, but always get the majority which are repetitive and cliché. I’m not picky about a genre, but I would prefer it if stories weren’t classic style and had customization, but the latter isn’t a requirement. A good plot would do. Here is a list of some of the stories I read and love;

• Eclipsis - Victoria Masina
• Perfect Pitches: Dynamic One -
• Anonymous - Troy. L
• Torched in Flames - S.W. Rose

This is a list to some I recommend. The ones by Kayla S are really good (Dead 7, Infamous, Demon Roommates).

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Yes, I have read stories by Kayla S. Thank you for this, I’ll be looking through it for a while.

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INK story recommendations

Speak by @J.Miley
The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
A Loveless Marriage by Jessica Swift
Vacation Nightmare by MrsMadu
Breakeven by E. R. Gurney


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Yes, I’ve read The Ruby Tiara. Time travel/paradoxes are my thing. Thank you!

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-Sherlock in Love by Kay Elle (LL)
-Morte by Ruby I (ink)
-Hero or Zero by Angie S (LL)
-Twilight Towers by Ember Wilde (classic)
-Kiss Me, Kill Me by Jenna and Meila (ink)
-Cyberpunk: 3290 by Jailene (ink)
-The B-Team by MeMyselfandI (spotlight)
-Rocket Science by Katie S (classic)
-Vigilantes by Layla Vex (classic)
-Black Absinthe by Kay Elle (spotlight)

These are just some of my all-time faves. Some of them are classic, but they’re still really good!


About Eclipsis- very beautiful. I can’t wait for more episodes.

Recommendation: (I’ll edit later for author)
The Snow Queen- Zara
Duemadiri VN- Vaena
Mapping the Mind- Mysza
Witch Hunt- (sadly, I think it is discontinued so…)
Both Sides of Me (Spotlight) - Unchartedraider
From 1958- YPwrites
The Princess of Veneficia- writtenbymegan
Cetrinda- Sarah Kieser
The Curse of Charlie- Sarah Kieser
They Vanish in Three- Sarah Kieser (again)
Deepest Desire- Sarah Kieser (srsly, I should’ve just wrote “all of sarah kieser’s story”)

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You should read Cinderella , its about not cinderella though. a girl uses an app called cinderella to change her looks but then she has to face the consequences for it.

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Eclipsis is actually the first user story I’ve read and unfortunately I’ve been trying to find many good user stories since then.

But I’ve actually read about 4 of the stories you’ve mentioned. Thank you! I’ll be reading a lot more of Sarah Kieser.

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Thank you so much!

Since I read only classic stories here’s a list of them that I like. Majority of them are romance based.
Scar Tissue - J.Greaves
Filthy Rich and Medical 1/2 - S.Huston
Beautiful Destruction - RMM
Until Death Do Us Part - S.A.G
LUCKY. - Rebecca Burn
Sanata - Sarah J.
Dripping Mascara - Genevieve M. (Really Recommended)
The End of Innocence - Kim B.
Beauty Always has a Price - Chantelle M.
The Dork - Opal Lasana
A Touch of Rain - anatasiavic
The Little Issues - PsychoWrites
Midnight Decisions - Jbear (Shorter story but still good)
JASTG - Shyla
I can’t hear you - Adele Bell (An amazing perspective of someone who’s deaf)

These are stories that i’ve all read and that are some of my favorites every single one of them are classic style and most are completed already.

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