Story removed (FOR SONG LYRICS)

So my story got removed for Violating TOS. I got sent an email In January but it went to my junk folder which I like never check. I have edited every episode that needed to be edited, how long does it take Episode to reply to emails and to republish the story? I worked so hard on the story and I really enjoy writing it. IT GOT REMOVED BECAUSE I ADDED OVER 5 LINES OF SONG LYRICS SMH.


I think you can only have 5 lines of song lyrics.
“A maximum of five (5) lines of lyrics per song, per chapter is allowed.”

It usually takes about 2 days to a week for them to respond.

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My advice would be to remove the lyrics? :man_shrugging:


I already have removed them.

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Yeah I understand that now that you can only have 5 lines smh. And ugh.

Ah ok. As long as nothing else breaks guidelines I think you should be all set.

^^^ Also, it’s the weekend so I am not sure how many reviewers are actually in on the weekends, so that might affect the time as well.


Hi vickyepisode,

I’m sorry to hear about these difficulties. If you still haven’t gotten a reply, please private message me your ticket number and I’ll look into it for you :slight_smile:


I know it’s been ages but has your story gotten back up on episode?

Yeah it has:)