Story “reset: love code fail”

“Reset: love code fail” !

You, Rhea Hallard, are one of the most badass business women and a super caring person.

You thought you were living a fulfilling life, until you discover what passionate love is.

From there on, everything becomes a mess and you are forced to leave your routine in order to start a new adventure.

You’ll unveil dark secrets and mysteries about who you really are and you’ll acknowledge everything you did until that moment was already planned… In this story you will:

  • be able to customize your character;

  • feel a rollercoster of emotions;

  • travel to awesome places;

  • make choices that will define your ability to survive;

  • make long-lasting friendships;

  • realize the deep meaning of love and fight for it.

Note author:
Hey guysss! So happy to publish this story​:heart_eyes_cat: It’s my first one, so I still have a lot to learn, but I got loooads of fresh ideas I’d love to share with you​:hibiscus::hibiscus: I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you’d like to ask me some questions or give me a tip, please do!

I’m still not sure about when I’ll update the story again, but I’ll try to manage myself so it won’t take endless time. Thank you in advance for the understanding​:kiss::heart: