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I didn’t know what to title this situation but I wanted to discuss if anyone is having trouble with their story not being reset properly when reading from the beginning? On the app I’ve tried “reset story progress” and “reset chapter” but when I go to review from the first chapter my story progress is all funky. Like for example in chapter 1 my char is supposed to have short hair it’s only in chapter 2 where she has long hair. But, I find that in chapter 1 she continues to have long hair when she is supposed to have short hair. Keep in mind this story is not published yet. It’s funny because when I review my story on portal my char has short hair in the first chapter but how come on the app she doesn’t? I don’t know which to believe as far as the app or portal? I hope I’m making since with my little situation. I’m probably the first to discuss this since I didn’t see any past threads relating to this problem. Any help or understanding will be appreciated. Thanks!

In the app, once you change the appearance of your character they will stay like that always unless you change their appearance to something else. But do not worry, this does not affect your story. This only happens in the app with your own playthrough. When you publish your story, your readers will see that your character will have short hair in the beginning and will not change her hair to long until that moment in your story.

Hm, so you can change hairstyles? Did you have to create a new character to save the hairstyle?

Also, perhaps are you asking about resetting? I think you can go to
Preview box>Navigation> Restart Episode

I think.

No you don’t have to create a new character to change hairstyles. All you have to do is get the name of the hair you want for example using a girl character I pick the hairstyle Short Pixie so you would want to type in your script:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Short Pixie

But, be aware the character will keep this hairstyle forever until you decide to change it into something else.

And Dara.Amarie answered my question thank you though!

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Oh I see, thanks Dara for this information!

That’s so great, thanks!

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