Story Review/Help?

Hey Everyone! It’s Princess Camden!

So, I’m making a new story (as most of you know) about superheroes! I have not published it yet, and I’m not letting anyone see it but can you judge it by the plot line? Here’s the description.

Amelia Stocking, a teenage girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life. That is… until she dreams of something more. Amelia is taken to an Alternate Universe of… you guessed it… superheroes! Except, there are some problems. What happens when her high school bully is one of the most loved and cherished superhero of all time… but she’s plotting something evil for the town! And to make matters worse, your high school crush is the evilest villain in the whole city! Obstacles face you at every corner. How are you supposed to be the most loved superhero when you’ve had no training? And how the heck are you going to be able to even talk to your crush?

Is that a good plot line? Would y’all read it? I also need help on plot twists if possible! I’m really bad at cliff hangers and stuff like that :joy: Thank you so much if you help!

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