Story Review Intro

I want to starts reviewing episode stories. I know I have trouble finding a good story.
So I wanted to review stories and rank them based on a point system.

A story can earn 25 points from these things…

  • Directing 5 points
  • Grammar 5 points
  • Originality 5 points
  • Story line 5 points
  • Diversity 5 points

A story can also earn bonus points

  • Partial CC 0.5 points
  • LGBT options/love interest 0.5 points
  • Full CC 1 point
  • Frequent Updating 1 point
  • art scenes 2 points

So overall a story can have 30 points and the amount of points equal to:
9 or less = Poor
10-15 = needs improvement
15-20 = average
20-25 = great
25 or more = AMAZING

If the story has 20 or more points I recommend it.
In order to give a score I will read the first 3 episodes or more.

The review will also contain the:

  • Title
  • Desc
  • Author (IG or username)
  • Genre
  • Ink / LL / classic
  • number of episodes
  • Complete or Incomplete
  • Age recommendation (13+, 16+, 18+, ect)
  • Other Important info

Any stories I should review?

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strong text

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The baby project

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You can review mine if you’d like. I am always looking for improvement.

Title: Oblivious
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 10 (on-going)
Description: When socially awkward Leanna catches the eye of equally awkward Kai things can’t get more awkward, can they?

There is no sound. The selection sucks.



I would love it if you could review my story! Thank you so much!

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Summary: Time is running out as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to… Read to uncover the Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.
Chapters: 3 (Incomplete)
Style: Limelight
Age Recommendation: 13+
Create your own characters and Choices Matter!:blush:

Shortened Link:

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I love reviews. tell me what to improve in the future

Name: Retrace
Genre: Mystery. is where I placed it. but honestly, I have no idea. maybe drama
style: ink
chapters:3 more to come
description: mc’s mom has been shot and is in a coma. follow her as she tries to contact her dad. while listening to the story of how her parents meet. he was the son of a mafia boss and her an undercover cop. it is two stories in one


Hi I would love for you to review my story!
Title - Outrunning Karma
Description - He’s bad. He’s bold. He’s a rebel. He’s everything I’m not. Well, that’s what I thought turns out we’re both trying to outrun Karma.
Author - Lexxie AJ (or lxxieamelia.epi on IG)
Genre - Drama
Style - Ink
Number Of Episodes - 3
Complete Or Incomplete - Incomplete
Age Recommendation - 13+

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Read mine it is called Tied Together

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Feel free to check out my story.

Title: © Tribe of Malapinchi
Description: Tossed into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets in Asia. Can you make sense of the havoc and save everyone before it’s too late? CharacterCustomization
Author: Jannah Jackson
Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Fantasy/Thriller/Horror
Style: Secret
Chapters Published: 5/6
Incomplete & Ongoing
Age Recommendation: 16+



incomplete. 17+. I update bi-weekly. no art scene bc full cc (I did pay for the art scene for the intro, though)

Story: Blades of Desire

Author: Giselle C.

Genre: Mystery/Horror/Drama/Romance

Description: He loves you, he wants you, & he must have you. He will stop at nothing to make sure you’re his, even if it means killing anyone who comes in his way. But, do you love him?

Features: Advanced directing, non-cliche plot line, choices matter, FULL character customization, unique and big closet, POC and LGBTQ characters, LGBTQ option, mini games.

Episodes: 4





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  • Title: Sentimental Heartache
  • Description: After Arianna “coincidentally” meets Lucas, they start talking to each other more frequently. Soon enough, they realize that the more they talk, the more they fall.
  • Author (IG or username): Jessy
  • Genre: Romance
  • Ink / LL / classic: Ink
  • number of episodes: 15
  • Complete or Incomplete: Incomplete, but continuing.
  • Age recommendation (13+, 16+, 18+, ect): 13+ (contains swearing)
  • Other Important info: Length isn’t something I’m good at, so I’m not sure if the first few episodes are a little too short. In my opinion, they aren’t that short, but even if they are they get longer over time because it’s just the beginning of the story and there’s not as much drama.
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Are you still doing reviews? :grin:

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