Story review needed

I am looking for people, who are willing to read my story and answer some questions, give me a feedback, say if there are mistakes, what to work on etc. I will dm you details.
Thank you in advance :heart:


I can read your story :slight_smile:

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Is it the story Closed Case?

Yes; I also released a new one 2 days ago.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Would you mind if I dm you details?

So I actually gave you a review here on your story Closed Case. I’m not even sure if you read through my review as I checked out your story just a few minutes ago and spotted errors I told you to fix :sweat: :red_light:

I know; I have read your review. I remember you said about Is. In the next episodes everything is corrected and as to the previous ones, I haven’t had a chance yet as I had problems.

You corrected everything I told you to correct in the next episodes (episodes 2 and up)?

Oh yes, go ahead :slight_smile:

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No :joy: But I keep in mind all recommendations, so if this needs to be corrected I do my best to do so. I am sorry if I offered you :heart: Your review was informative and useful

Don’t worry, I believe I only reviewed the first episode haha but that review is from August and most errors I pointed out are minor ones that can be fixed easily. You said you have a new story published? I’m sure if you can publish a new story, you can correct minor errors, too. Good day and best of luck when it comes to getting a review, please do use some of the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

For sure! Thank you so much

I’m up for a review!

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Thank you :blush:
I will dm you

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