Story review please!

Could someone please do a review of my story H&V: Robin hood, and maybe also my other story Inner dragon? I would really appreciate it if the review is honest, even if it says that my stories are bad.
Thank you in advance!! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Moved to Share Feedback section as that’s where review threads live! :v:t2:

I will review both if it is still necessary, could you send me the links though.

yes please!
Ummmmmm, I don’t really know how…? :persevere:

Do you create the story on a computer?

yup. Is this what you meant?

Yeah they should work fine, would you like me to private message you with the feedback once I have read them?

yes please!

Great I look forward to reading them, the actual links do not work but it does not matter now I managed to find them through search. If you need to send the link in future on the bottom of the page that you go on to edit your story there is a part that will say share your story and improve your rank, under it your link is and if you copy and paste that it should look like this …

Oh okay, thank you!

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  1. My fan mail is always open. Suggestions and comments are highly accepted.
  2. I can do read for read. Just say the title and author on my fanmail and I’ll make sure to read it!

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