Story Review Process

Hello Episode Community!

With today’s Portal update, we’re starting to roll out our updated Content Review Tool to our review team, and we’re hoping that it will help make review process more efficient for everyone.

During the last several weeks, we’ve learned that we needed better documentation and communication around the results of our guidelines reviews. We’re hopeful that with our updated tech, we can improve our current system in the following 2 ways:

  1. Centralize our review results, so that we can get our leaderboard algorithms back up and running again.
  2. Automate email notifications, so that when a review of your story is completed, you’ll know what the outcome of that review was, what actions are being taken from our end (if any), and what actions are being requested of you (if any).

As part of the rollout of these automated emails, you’ll notice that we’ve moved to a more nuanced moderation of stories on the platform. Previously, we could only suspend a story (which removed it from the trending sections) or ban a story (which pulled it from the app). If a story passed our guidelines, there was no way for us to mark that story as approved.

Based on our learnings in the last couple of months, it’s clear that not all content violations are the same, and that the current unilateral approach of suspension is actually less useful when the actual severity of the violations can range from minor to severe.

As a result, here are the updated actions we may take upon completing a guidelines review for stories that we believe have guidelines violations that are fixable:

  • Blocking a story from rising into the Top 100 in any leaderboard.
    • In this case, the story has violated our guidelines, but those violations are minor enough that they do not warrant being blocked from the leaderboards altogether.
  • Blocking a story from all leaderboards.
    • In this case, the story has moderate violations that warrant us limiting the story from being promoted via the leaderboards until edits are complete.
  • Blocking a story from all leaderboards and search.
    • In this case, the story has severe enough violations that we have to remove the story from all the primary places that readers would generally browse for stories.

In all of the above cases, as soon as edits have been made and confirmed, stories that fall into the above categories can be approved and restored to all places they would have normally been promoted.

Lastly, while the following statuses haven’t changed, we wanted to provide more transparency around our process and define a few more terms:

  • All stories will always start out as Unreviewed.
    • Current stories that we’re working through are also considered Unreviewed until we’ve completed the review.
    • Every newly published story starts out in Unreviewed status the moment it’s published.
    • Moving forward, any story that achieves a rank of 100 or better will automatically be reviewed.
  • Approved stories may be re-reviewed at any point in the future.
    • This may happen for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) the addition of new content, featuring consideration, or player reports of guidelines violations.
  • Banned stories will still be notified when the ban is being applied.

Getting this tool and new moderation tiers into place gets us several steps closer to turning the trending sections back on and moving away from our manual content update system.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments by posting below or reaching out to our support team!

With love,

The Episode Team


wow, thanks a lot Liz. Now this is something, hmm

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Uhh…Great…I guess…


Cool I guess


My story Fallen Angel ink version has been banned in June until the new guideline will be set. Since the new guideline is decided and all scenes that were in conflict with it are now modified, how can I get it back on the app?


This is excellent news! Bravo :clap::heart:


what about the story you already removed from the app with out even telling where you find voileted which is so unfaire


So we have to send in newly published stories in for review to get on rank?


No. Your story will automatically be reviewed if it ranks high enough. There is no need to submit your newly published story for review


Thank you for the clarification.

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@Liz thats good! But what do you mean any story that is top 100? You mean the top 100 per genre or top 100 trending user? This is really confusing for me.


Hey Liz! When you say the top 100 stories will be reviewed, do you mean top 100 in a genre, or 100 overall? Thanks in advance for the clarification :slight_smile:


Both. Each genre has its own trending section and then there is an overall trending section


Ok, thank you! It wasnt like that before (its was trending user) , so this is from today and on right? I am happy to know this!

Hi @Liz, do you have any idea when you will start updating story ranks in the trending list? Because right now what the portal is telling us is very different from the app.

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Thanks !

Hi Liz,

I don’t completely understand the intended process for new stories yet. Could you help me out?

If I publish a new story, I have to wait for it to reach top 100 of the according genre, as displayed on the portal, in order for episode to review it and put it on the leaderboards in the first place, did I get this right?

If yes: This does mean that any story that doesn’t reach top 100 of their genre upon publishing will stay hidden from the ranks?

I am not sure, but this would probably mean, it’s even harder for new stories to be seen at all and therefor get the reads required to even enter top 100.

Can we still request reviews for new stories or would they be rejected?

Thank you!

BTW: Thank you for making the process more transparent to us! I appreciate it!


How far are you with reviews? Can you make an approximate guess in percentages?

I think you could hire some people from community to help you with reviews?


Top 100 are ranks. You can publish your story as always, it’s marked as unreviewed. But once it will be at top 100, Episode Team will notice it and review it. Until it hits 100, isn’t hidden, it’s just not listed between genres trendings.

It was always hard. You can say impossible to be visible, if they’re newly released or/and under 100. :disappointed:

@Liz there seems to be a few authors, myself included, who have been told our stories have passed review over a week ago (in some cases over two weeks) and the stories still aren’t on the ranks. Is there a reason for this (such as a limited number of spots in each genre at the moment)? Or is this a glitch?