Hey guys! I’m currently looking for some new stories to read, and I thought it would be fun to leave some reviews too! If you want a story review, feel free to ask! I’ll review the first three chapters using this rating system:
Creativity (out of 10)
Storyline (out of 15)
Directing (out of 20)
Grammar mechanics (out of 10)
Choices (out of 20)
Engaging/stays interesting (out of 10)
Episode length (out of 10)
Character customization (out of 5)

I will leave details about what you could improve, what I liked, etc. as well!

If you want a story review, please provide the title of your story or share link if it is not yet published.
Also, if you want to chat, leave your Instagram! :grin:
I’m looking forward to reading your stories!


Hey. I’d love for you to review my story. Here are the details~

Story Title: Rivals [Limelight]
Author Name: Winter05
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight (in the title, lol)
Story Description: You are fighting to win your father’s trust to be handed down the family business. That’s pretty hard with your rival company’s boss’s hot son. Will you come out victorious?

Winter xx

I actually have 5 stories. You don’t have to read all of them, but any feedback on any of them would be great. I will list all of them on here.
I recommend tapping slowly on my stories because if you tap too fast it will mess up the movement/animation sometimes.
Note - I used the mobile creator on the app to make my stories so at the time I made most of my stories there was no ability to put choices in at the time. (The only one with choices is Star Power: Everything Changes)

My stories are…

No Longer An Average Teenager
Girls of Earth
It All Started With A Dream
Haunted: The Town Legend
Star Power: Everything Changes

Hey, I would love a review and to chat! My IG is @cordeliam.episode

My story is called “Reformed”.
Description: Violet gave up a life of petty crime and way too much black leather over a year ago. New bad boy Carter can’t seem to resist trying to uncover her dark past. Is she truly reformed?
Author: Cordelia M

Hey Winter! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough passes to read three episodes, so I only read episodes one and two. If you would like, I can review episode 3 at a later time.

Here’s my review:
Creativity (8 out of 10)

  • The story is pretty creative, but not a lot has happened so far.

Storyline (12 out of 15)

  • From the first two episodes, I do not really understand what is going on. Try to establish the conflict from early on!

Directing (17 out of 20)

  • The directing is great, but it would be nice to see some more spot directing and zooms. Also, at the end of episode 2, the zoom does not reset.

Grammar mechanics (10 out of 10)

  • Well written!

Choices ( 15 out of 20)

  • I did not get to make a lot of choices, but I appreciated that the choices made an impact

Engaging/stays interesting (8 out of 10)

  • While this is hard to judge from the first two episodes, not a lot has happened yet.

Episode length (9 out of 10)

  • The episodes were good lengths! The second one dragged on a bit, but that is just a personal opinion!

Character customization (5 out of 5)

  • There was customization, but some of the options did not work. I’m sure it was simply a glitch, but check your script to make sure that the customization coding for Alex is working!

Overall, I think your story is great! I’m sorry if my review seemed too harsh! The only problem I had is I personally thought that the story was a little slow.

Overall grade- 84

Title: First Love
Genre: Romance
Author: Chanell
Description: Love, Lies, and Betrayl! Help Chay through it by making choices for her
Style: Limelight

Hey! Could you do a review for me! I love getting critism and feedback.
Here is my story info.
Title: Mortality
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Jayda MacGillivray
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

Story Link:

Hi! I would appreciate an honest review <3

Form: Ink
Username: ltxo
Author Name: Lara
Story Title: From Girly to Manly
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Adventure
Description: Ever since the new queen’s reign the kingdom has been divided. There is a barrier between men and women. What happens if you have to pretend to be a boy, but then start to fall for the guy you deceived? [CC]


Thank you so much. 2 is just fine! I will try to improve on these in the coming episodes and look into Alex’s customization. :slight_smile:

Winter xx

Hi! Here is my review for the first three episodes of “No Longer An Average Teenager”
Disclaimer: This review is meant to help you! Please do not take offense to it!

Creativity (10 out of 10)

  • the idea is very creative!

Storyline (13 out of 15)

  • even though the idea is good, it was not very well executed.

Directing (15 out of 20)

  • this may have been because you used mobile creator, but there was not a lot of spot directing, and when there was, it was messed up. I recommend checking the directing for the car scene in the first episode again!

Grammar mechanics (7 out of 10)

  • there was some mistakes dealing with “your” vs. “you’re”, as well as some other things.

Choices (out of 20)

  • I cannot grade this part b/c there are no choices. I understand that you were unable to add in choices in the past, but you should consider still going back and putting some in.

Engaging/stays interesting (7 out of 10)

  • The story is interesting, but the transitions are very choppy and disorganized. Also, it is very fast paced and jumps around quite a lot.

Episode length (6 out of 10)

  • In my opinion, the episodes were very short. This is only a personal preference, but I think that you can lengthen the episodes a little.

Character customization (3 out of 5)

  • There was no character customization, but I understand that there is no such option for mobile creation

I think that your story has a very good basis and idea, but some of the directing and plotlines fell short. I would go back and code some parts again!

Overall score: 61 out of 80

Hello, I don’t mind criticism. This is my first story on here.
And I would love to read your story as well.

Title :Her secrets, His sins
Author :Kls

And here’s the link.

Instagram is @Kls12s94

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Hi there!

I’d love it if you could review my story:

Title: Spotlight: Jellyfished
Author: Himawari
Genre: Mystery(/Romance)
Description: Did you know? Jellyfish do not have hearts. Yet they live. What if a human, a woman, would lose this vital organ…and live?

My instagram is himawari_1993. You may contact me anytime and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can :wink:
Thanks in advance!

My description is about a girl who gets involved with a guy who falls dangerously in love her with.
This guy will do anything to try and get her to be his, even forcefully.

I will read yours! Mine is
Title: First Love
Genre: Romance
Description: Love, Lie, , and Betrayl. Chay had to deal with all that and help her make choice along the way of finding and losing her First Love

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Thank you for reviewing my story! I know the directing isn’t great, it was my 1st story that I made and I was still learning. The directing and plot get better as the story goes on, (at least I am pretty sure they do) and the episodes become much longer as the story progresses. I will admit that the car scene is probably one of the parts that has the worst directing of most of the story. I just recently realized when I was looking through one of my other stories about the “your”/“you’re” spelling errors.
I now plan to go back and work on fixing some of the directing/spelling errors.
1 last question though.
You said

I’m just curious why you say that. That way I know better for other stories.

Hi Cordelia! Here’s my review on the first three episodes.
Disclaimer: This review is meant to help you! Please do not take offense to it!

Creativity (10 out of 10)

  • I think that the plot of the story so far is very creative!

Storyline (13 out of 15)

  • While the storyline is rather interesting, I feel like the relationship between Carter and Violet has been moving rather quickly. Maybe they just clicked really early, but you may want to talk some more about that.

Directing (16 out of 20)

  • While the directing is okay, it would be great to see some more complex zooms and spot directing, especially when everyone is sitting at a lunch table. Also, some of the animations did not fit the text or situation.

Grammar mechanics (8 out of 10)

  • Overall, the grammar was okay, but there were a few mistakes here and there. I recommend going back and proofreading your script!

Choices (17 out of 20)

  • There has not been a lot of choices so far, but I predict that they will increase as the story goes on.

Engaging/stays interesting (9 out of 10)

  • The story has been pretty interesting so far, but there is some dialogue that I think is a little unnecessary, which causes the reader to lose interest.

Episode length (9 out of 10)

  • I think that the length of the episodes are pretty good, besides the first one, but I understand that it was just the “opener”.

Character customization (out of 5)

  • No customization

82 out of 95 (not counting customization)

I think that your story is very good so far! All your ideas are really coming through! I think that if you add a few more choices and some new directing, it will really add to the story.

Final Score- 82 out of 95 (not counting customization)

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Thank you so much, this is really helpful! :yellow_heart: I’m glad that you think my story is good! Would you mind if I messaged you privately for a bit more information on how to improve? If not, I understand - you have a lot of other people’s stories to review!

Hey, this is my first story and I hope you could give it a read!
Author: feck.b
Instagram: feck.bx (feck.b is my old account and I have no access to it.)
Category: action/adventure
Description: She runs in tears, bumping into a “school friend” stabbing someone. Forced to join in a British gang,What Will Haunt Her Now?

Hey Chanell! Here’s my review on the first three episodes!
Disclaimer: This review is meant to help you! Please do not take offense to it!

Creativity (7 out of 10)

  • I think your idea is pretty good, but it is not very well executed

Storyline (13 out of 15)

  • The storyline is currently kinda hard to understand, but hopefully it will become more apparent as the story continues.

Directing (15 out of 20)

  • I understand that this is your first story, so if you ever need help with more complex directing, you can always ask me! In some scenes, to prevent people from randomly popping up. Also, to prevent people to continue talking even when they are supposed to stop, use the idle animations.

Grammar mechanics (6 out of 10)

  • Some of the grammar was not very good, and I recommend adding periods to the ends of your sentences! Even if it is a separate text, it still helps the reader! Also, be careful with capitalization!

Choices (16 out of 20)

  • The choices made did not affect the story very much, and there were not very many.

Engaging/stays interesting (7 out of 10)

  • The story is hard to follow and the characters are very direct, causing there to not be a lot of drama or suspense.

Episode length (9 out of 10)

  • The length of the episode is pretty good!

Character customization (out of 5)
no customization

For your first story, this is very good! Here’s my main suggestion- read through your script again and imagine you and your friends talking like your characters. If you think it sounds strange coming out of your mouth, you may want to change the dialogue. Also, it would be great to advance your directing a little!

Final score: 73 out of 95

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Hello there, @caticornepy!

Thank you for reviewing our stories!

Here are the details of mine:

Story Title: Your Secret Admirer
Author Name/Instagram: @EpisodeCray
Story Description: What happens when Natalia’s secret love letter ends up in the hands of the wrong boy? Will she fall in love or will everything fall apart?

Will it be okay if you private message me the review here on Episode Forums?

Thank you for your time and I hope you’ll enjoy my story.