Story Reviews and Genre Changing

Hello Episodians!

Recently, we’ve noticed a trend of authors mislabeling their stories with a different, inaccurate genre in an attempt to shortcut the story review process. Once stories are reviewed they are then switched into the true genre category. Getting your story reviewed will not necessarily get your story to the top of the trending section any faster. When you move your story back to its correct genre, it will still take a few days or more to climb higher on the charts.

We would like to encourage authors to make sure that their stories are the proper genre from the time it’s first published. This ensures that it can be reviewed by our team as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that it can be frustrating to wait for your story to be reviewed, but by placing your story in an incorrect genre you are effectively cutting in front of other authors who have worked hard on their stories and have earned their place at the top of their chosen genre.

Starting 8/4, any story which is clearly mislabeled will not be reviewed. Instead, our reviewers will send the author a note informing them of their mistake, and wait for that story to appear in its proper genre’s review queue and go through the regular process.

Thank you!


I am so thankfull for this because I hate when stories are in the wrong genre, even sometimes it can be dificult to figure out where it belong

but I like to know what do you defind right genre. I mean a vampire romance story is not fantasy just because it has vampires when its 90% romanc. or a story where people insult each other and do dum stuff is not a comedy


Thank you!


Yes! Hopefully this stops people putting fully romance stories in Drama or Thriller lmao


Why can’t you ad the possibilty of putting more than one genre? :thinking:
Personally I have a relly hard time (And I don’t think I’m alone in this ) to put a genre on many of my stories because they may contain aspects from more than one genre. Or maybe it doesn’t belong in one genre from the start but will eventually get there, like action. Few stories starts of with a lot of action scenes. What genre are we supposed to pick then, the one it starts in or the one it wil become.?
Maybe it could be possible to have one main genre (the ‘shelf’ it will be on), but put in secondary as well.


I’m curious about this too because sometimes, there are stories which can pass for a less popular genre.

I’ve seen some really blatant genre switching with obviously romance or drama stories being put into horror lol. But sometimes it’s not that obvious.


I am glad for this!

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@Melani3 if a story is placed into the wrong genre after being reviewed in order to trend better, will there be any consequences then? Or is this just for the initial review?


also does this mean we get sci-fi because I mean a lot of sci-fi stories are in the wrong genre


Thanks for this!

This is awesome in theory, I’m just hoping you guys take into consideration that some stories have multiple genres. A story can be a drama with fantasy elements but the author might think it belongs to the drama genre and not to fantasy. What will happen in such a case, @Melani3?

Also I lowkey thought you guys will announce a sci-fi genre which is disappointing but ok :pensive: Gonna have to keep asking I guess…


This!!! Thank you!!! I’m so tired of seeing sci fi stories in either fantasy, action or adventure! we need a sci fi genre!


@Melani3 my story is on action but it’s a sci-fi, can I leave it in this genre? Because I seriously have no clue of where to put it


Where should we put sci-fi stories? Because none of the available genres seem to fit…


I have a sci-fi story. Does it go to the nether?


If your sci-fi story goes to the fantasy genre I’ll riot that pregnancy stories, mafia stories and “I became instantly famous” stories go to the same category.



thank you for this :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: though it won’t stop stories which are reviewed to still switch genre just so they can trend higher… but this is not today’s topic


It says when people clearly mislabel their stories in hopes of getting them reviewed faster. I don’t think that really applies to sci-fi stories being in action or adventure stories. Regardless of how anyone feels about which genres we do or don’t have, this topic is talking about the people who put their drama stories in comedy or their romance stories in adventure etc in hopes of getting reviewed more quickly and trending higher. So I am in full support of this change.


can yall put out a description of what the different genres mean? its kind of hard to recognize what genre a story fits into (sorry if this sounds dumb).


Am I missing something? Getting stories reviewed faster? When do they get reviewed?