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I’m available to review your stories! I have unlimited passes and always looking for new and interesting stories! I can give you an honest review and feedback. I will review 3 chapters (possibly more if needed), and once done I will post the review and promote your story on my IG.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hey! Can you review an unpublished story?


Hey! Absolutely! Once you publish it I can promote it on my IG as well :slight_smile:


Okay thank you! Here’s the deets:


Being the daughter of Zeus isn’t easy. Add responsibilities and your mother having cancer topped on with a forbidden temptation to a boy who can rock your world , literally.





Okay great, I will review it now, and when I am finished I will send you a PM!


Okay thank you!


You’re welcome!


Hi :blush: thank you for doing this
I’ve just published my story a couple of days ago and I am looking for a honest feedback :blush:
Title: Tears Between Smiles
Author: TessS
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Number of episodes: 3
Description: *Fall in love, not in line. * An unexpected friendship brings her to a punk lifestyle, new people, new experiences and love. But it’s not all fun and smiles.
Thanks so much :blush:


Hi @Danistars! Please read and review my story:

Quiet Confidence by @S.Dsana & me. :relaxed:

I hope you enjoy it! :heart:


Hey! No problem at all!

I will read the first three episodes and as soon as I’m done I will send you a PM with my review!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey! I will review it shortly and will send you a PM with the review once I’m done. :smile:


THANK YOU :heart:

Story Name: Simple to Chaos/Simply Chaotic
Description: Two Best friends take a turn for the worst when a school shoot-out happens and they’re the names a gang member is calling for.


*Choices (different routes)

  • Thicc ol’ plot
    *Character customization
  • Diversity
Sob Story 101

I’m a new author starting off with 24 reads. Putting honest time and hard work I’ve present you Simple to Chaos. My first Ink story that I wanted to flourish. So please, give it a try. :heart: :blush:

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-genre: Mystery, Thriller, Comedy,
Some tags: CC, Choices, LGBTQ+, Trailblazer, Clichebreaker

Instagram : @lee.lee_26



Thank you so much for this opportunity!:heart_eyes:

Here’re the of info of my story:

Story title: Mad Love

Author: Emilia Clark

A brief description:
Since your path crosses with the case of a killer and alleged kidnapper your life takes a deep turn.
You are a cop, assigned with winning his trust, in order to make him confess. Will you be able to resist his charm or are feelings going to get in your way?

And this is the link, if you do choose to read it:


Hey! I will review it shortly and send you a PM when I’m done! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! I’ll review shortly and PM when I’m done! :smiley:


Okay, thanks. :blush:


Thank you. :ok_woman:


Hey! Could you please read mine?

Title: The Nation D: Moon Eyes
Author: P Marroquín
Genre: Fantasy (futuristic) /Adventure
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 6 (ongoing)
Description: Heather is trapped in a place were she can’t go out, but what happens when her best friend and his dead sister offer her a way to get out of there and start a brand new life…! Where’s your new destination? And what dark secrets does it hide? Will you finally find answers to your past?


Absolutely! I will PM you as soon as I’m done :slight_smile: