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(I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t been able to review as many as I planned too. I might get back to this when I had the time)

I’ve been looking all around episode for a good story to read and I’d like to try something different other than looking around the trending community stories.

I’ll be giving reviews (constructive criticism and feedback) based on the first 3-5 episodes (2-3 if the episodes are long). I’d love to see some new writers!!
When promoting your story, reply with the:
Story name:
Author name:
Link: (optional)

I’m doing these in the order in which people reply.

I will try to get through as many as I can :slight_smile: xoxo


Hi thank you so much :slight_smile: It’s not publish so I hope it’s ok ^^

Story name: Fighter
Author name: Melina
Genre: drama


Thanks for doing this! :slight_smile:
Here’s mine:
Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Summary: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?
Episodes: 8 (more coming soon, I’m trying to update once a week)


Here is my story :slight_smile:

Title : Jungle Fever
Author : Maggy

Genre : Romance/Drama
Style : Ink
Number of episodes : 7 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A bad boy Prince with a lot of ego and a womanizer, gets lost in the middle of the Jungle and meets a fierce African Princess called Maya. Will he handle the change of environment?
Link :



Title: Crossed Paths

Author name: Dreamer

Description: Mindy’s life’s filled with joy and laughter but is haunted by heartbreak. All that changes when she meets Derek. Will he be able to mend her broken heart? CHOICES MATTER!

Follow Mindy through a journey of ups and downs, surrounded by bonkers friends and family and self-discovery!

Link: 4

Episodes: SIX (and counting)

Small Cover:

image.jpg376x538 97.2 KB

Large Cover:


Despite this being a romance, a lot of emphasis of the plot is placed on not only Mindy but the other characters too!


I’m sorry, I can’t find your story. I don’t think I can get in because it isn’t published yet :frowning:


Have you clicked the link? Usually with unpublished stories you need to click on a link given by the author :heart:


This is the link for hope’s story


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Thanks for this thread!
Story: A Divine Tale
Author: Emily M.
Genre: Fantasy
Here is the link to make it easier:


Story name - Midnight Memories
Author name - Evija Jureviča
Genre - Romance


Story name: Kotton Kandie
Author name: PrettyEri
Genre: Comedy


Thank you for the link :slight_smile: I had to refresh, it didn’t show up before.


Story name: Trapped
Author name: Meadowh
Genre: Romance/ Drama


Thank you so much (could u review 5 if possible? My chapters are 800-1000 lines long, but they’re about 5 mins long approximately so not THAT long.)

Can you tag me once you’ve reviewed it, thanks :smile::kissing_heart:


I read through the first three episodes of “Dreams and Nightmares” and I have some feedback for you.
I think you’ve got great potential for an amazing story with this one. The idea was good and interesting, it has the potential for a great plot.
However, I think the story needs some work on impactfulness and hooking the reader. There were some points where I felt the conversations becoming repetitive and irrelevant to the plot. There were also a lot of situations and scenes in which the characters were idle at a point where they shouldn’t have been or went neutral after being angry 3 seconds before and then getting angry again 3 seconds later (this might just be an editing glitch, but it was something I had noticed).

I felt like some of the scenes the conversation didn’t flow well, for example, the bar scene in episode 2. It just didn’t seem to me like how people would have conversation (or how these characters would). They seem to have more casual and reckless personalities but the conversations were kind of dead and proper.

I love Scarlett’s character development. I think you did very well creating and maintaining her character! :slight_smile:

There was also one more thing that I had noticed. In the bedroom scenes, the zooming of the characters is off. There was one point in which Jason touched scarlet while over on the rug and she was on the bed. It looks like he is ginormous was extremely long arms. Again, this isn’t anything with the writing, just the editing and spotting.

From the first three episodes, I feel like this has great story potential, just needs some work (which I definitely think you would be going through and reviewing anyway, of course writing and editing is difficult and takes time). Keep up the great work!! :slight_smile:


Hope, I read the first 4 episodes of, “Fighter” (since they were split into sections).

I think that the idea for the story is good and has potential for a good plot, but the way it is portrayed makes the story seem uninteresting. It doesn’t really grab the reader and I think maybe add something that is capable of making some really want to keep reading.

At the beginning of the story, it breaks the 4th wall by the main character talking directly to the audience, and then she talks through narrating, and then she narrates through her thoughts. In the other episodes though, she purely sticks to narrating. I think you should go back to the first episode and choose one so it gives it a more put together look and feel.

I think some of the scenes were awkwardly short and made reading uncomfortable. In that I am saying not to stretch out a scene but to make sure each scene has purpose and relevance to the story.

The character introductions in the beginning were a bit confusing. I feel like your story would flow better if you introduced each character as needed, not all at once.

Also, in the story sometimes it references highschool, and sometimes she says college, but she also said she is 14. When you review and edit just make sure you go back and decide on one to maintain throughout the story. :slight_smile:

My last advice is that in the middle of your story you put up a warning. I would suggest that instead of placing a warning in the middle of an episode to place it at the start of each episode.

I think that this story has great potential, but you just need to take your time on it.

Good luck with writing! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much I appreciate really and I will work hard on it! Thank you really :blush:


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