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This is for new stories who want a review! It doesn’t have to be your first story, just a story published in the last two months or so, give or take. If I enjoy your story and it has little noticable mistakes, I’ll also shout it out on my Instagram. I’m probably only going to read the first three chapters because reading is time consuming, but I’m happy to help. I’ll send screenshots as well as critique.
My Instagram is @episode.kinsley for anyone asking

I will critique:
Directing/Speechbubble Placement
Diversity (LGBTQIA characters, POC characters, disabled characters)
Chapter Length
Music Usage

I will also give tips if I feel like it’s nessisary. Don’t request if you can’t handle constructive criticism, I’m quite nice about things, so it’s not like I’ll be mean about it, but in no circumstance should you get angry about me pointing out a mistake. These mistakes are fixable, and mistakes help us grow.

I also have every right to decline your request. Most stories I’m comfortable with reading, but there are a few things that trigger me or rub me the wrong way. That doesn’t mean anything bad about your story, just personal experience led me to that.


Thanks a lot for the thread. :heart::relaxed:

You can review my story if you want to, I will be glad to correct myself. :star_struck:

Title - His Bodyguard Girl

Description - She is gorgeous, courageous and is hired as a bodyguard for Sinclair’s son but there’s one condition: NO FALLING IN LOVE but things get worse when he can’t take his eyes off her.

Genre - Romance / Drama

Style - limelight

Full CC , 1LI

Current chapter (16 out now!!)

*I update fast.

*The story has music and sounds.
*The story doesn’t contain any gem choices.

  • There’s no wait.
    *Nice outfits and hairstyle for free.

Link - I’m reading His Bodyguard Girl (16 out now! ). Check it out: Episode Writer Portal

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Hey do you review unpublished stories?? I’ve completed episode 1 and I’ve mostly completed episode 2 and I’m no where finished with episode 3. If you could review the first two I will be grateful but if you don’t wanna then don’t worry.

I can! Dm me on here or insta, @episode.kinsley

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Bumping my own thread because it’s still open

Actually no don’t worry I’ve now changed my plans.

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Hello! I’m planning on publishing once the backgrounds are approved, are you willing to review my story before I publish?

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Yep! I am. Send me the link in PM or Instagram DM

I’ve got 3 episodes of a new story almost ready to publish, I’m just waiting on approval for one of the overlays. Just wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing it pre-release?

It’s a murder mystery with a splattering of comedy and a few jabs at Episode tropes. Limelight with no CC, female MC and male LI. Only gem choice is support the author.

I have some sneak peaks on my Instagram account (I may have gone slightly overboard with sneak peaks):
Death on the Beath by JAR Output ERROR

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I’d love to proofread! PM me :heart_hands:

Genre: Romance
Style: LL
While escaping from misery, you meet your hot millionaire celebrity crush in a most unlikely way. He drags you into his world, but does he drag you into his heart too? Slow burn


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