Story Reviews for a R4R!

Hey guys! I’m starting to do story reviews/promotions for a R4R, if anyone would like one please PM me or DM me on instagram @episode.julitaa

Promotions will be done on instagram though :wink:


Hey, just followed you! I’m interested

Story link:

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Your stories in my favourites🙃 I’ll get to it ASAP💕

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Tysm, I’ll read yours too!

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Hii😊 I would really like you to read my story!


Without You:
A once naive young woman named Mila, was left alone and pregnant by her toxic ex-boyfriend. At the age of 18 Mila became a single mother raising a daughter alone! Trust issues surfaced and made it difficult for her to love again until she met Mason…

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Without You (1-3 ONLY)

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I started following you on Instagram.
I want you to review my story.

Story: Die in your Arms
Style: LL
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 9 chapters out (ongoing)
Description: A story about a girl who loves “LOVE” but constantly ends up with guys who don’t deserve her. What happens when she finally met that “ONE” guy special guy?
Instagram: @_amisha.episode

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