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Hey everyone!! I’ve been away from Episode/the forums for a while, so I thought I would bring back my story reviews! I’ve had several successful story reviewing threads, and I love discovering new stories/authors - I really enjoy doing this! My reviews tend to be pretty long and thorough, so if that’s what you want, then… well, you should just comment… I can also be brutally honest if you’d like me to :wink:

:cherry_blossom: If you want a review, just comment the name, author, genre and a summary of your story! :cherry_blossom:

Also, comment if you’d like your review to be “brutally honest” - this pretty much means I’ll get straight to the point and won’t sugarcoat anything… In regular reviews, I tend to beat around the bush and be a little nicer, but no matter what, I’ll do everything I can to help you improve your story!

I’ll read 2-4 chapters of your story (depending on how long the chapters are and how many critiques I get out of them) and have a list of my critiques for each chapter. I usually just write down/type things that I like/dislike/etc. as I read it. Things on this list could be about plot, characters, directing or some random line I thought was funny lol. I’d just like to clarify that it will mostly be a list of things I think can be improved upon. Then, I’ll do a big summary about everything combined. I will make some suggestions on how I think the story can be improved, from a reader’s standpoint. I’ll message you the review when I’m finished. Remember, this is your story and you have no reason to change it if you like it just the way it is. :blush:

Super excited to read your stories! :kissing:

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This is not a thread to just share you stories. Reply only if you want a story review.


Here’s mine:
Title: The Wanterer 2: Mischa
Author: Aliceproductions
Genre: Comedy/Romance (more comedy)
Episodes: 9 (Complete)
Instagram: Aliceproductions
Style: INK
Story Description: Taking up from where ‘The Wanderer’ left off, Corrine and Mischa have been dating for a year, but Mischa is unsure about their relationship and wants Corrine to go back to being Corey again. Then one day, she finds out why Corrine doesn’t want to. (Note if you haven’t read ‘The Wanderer’, never fear. There is a short recap in the first episode.)

Name: Blue is my favorite color
Author: L. S. White
Genre: Mystery
Summary: A secret agent is sent back to her hometown for her last mission. She left 18 years ago and never went back. In this story we go down her bittersweet memory lane and add a little action and mystery to it.

Hi! thank you for this thread, I would prefer your review to be brutally honest, I like knowing where I made mistakes and how I should fix them!
This is my story, can’t wait to hear from you! xx
Author: Bonnie Dundee
Title: Game Of Disguises
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 4
Brief description: Two best friends have fun by disguising themselves as other people and attend luxurious and fancy events, but what happens when they find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time?

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I’d love for you to review my story! Be brutally honest please, I NEED THE FEEDBACK!
Name: Girl of Deception
Description: Aria Lamar has is all. She’s rich, beautiful and smart. But she’s a selfish arrogant jerk. Little does she know that’s all about to change.CC in episode 6 choices matter
Genre: Adventure

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I’d love a brutally honest review! The more “brutal”, the better haha. I sound like a masochist.

Here are the details.

Title: From This Day Forward
Author: goth.gaia
Genre: Drama
Description: After your disastrous wedding day, you decide to start fresh: new city, new you, no drama- or so you hoped. Will you say “I do” to the chaos or leave it at the altar? CC

Here’s the link if you need it:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! :sweat_smile::sparkling_heart:

Hi @MateaH I would like a brutal review please. :smile:

Story title: Rewinded life.

Author name: Lia Lopez.

My instagram: lia_lopez_episode

What would you do if a galactic being gives you the power to go back and change situations that escapes from your hands?

Genre: Comedy, romance, life.

Episodes: 5 (Working on chapter 6.)(Ongoing.)


Cover: Pending review.

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brutally honest pls :hugs::black_heart:

Name: Right and Wrong (revamp)
Author: Mars
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance
Description: Ready for a fresh start, Jessie relocates by going to the one place where anything is possible: NYC. But what happens when moving to the City of Dreams isn’t all she expected it to be?


Thank you everyone for commenting! I’ll be getting to your reviews very shortly! :smile:

As of now, reviews are closed until further notice.

I just need to make sure I can get to all the story reviews.

If you comment before I reopen, you will not get a review, and I will ignore it.

Please read this and respect that the thread is closed for now! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I really think you should mention that this is going to be a list of things you don’t like about the story rather than brutal honest review

She said that she’ll be writing things she likes AND dislikes about the story; when it comes to the plot, storyline, characters, etc. and that’s exactly what a review is. She didn’t say she was only going to say things she dislikes about it.

Well that was what I got. A long list of dislikes. The closest I got to anything positive, was “I think your story has potential, but…”

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Well, she said she’d be brutally honest (not surgarcoat anything). But also remember: this is only one persons POV. If you like how your story is going, then you shouldn’t change anything about it.

Yes I was expecting criticising, but that’s all it was, criticising. There is a difference from being brutally honest and only listing complaints, nothing else.

Yes, you’re right, and I agree. If it’s a review, there should also be suggestions; not just criticism.

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I’m sorry if my review hurt your feelings, but I clearly stated in the message that everything I put down is a suggestion. I was giving my review from the reader’s point of view, and how I perceive the story. I’m trying to help you understand what the reader sees and thinks when they read the story.

Furthermore, many people don’t get a lot of positive things. That doesn’t mean their story was bad, but it means I glossed over it because I thought it was nice and/or it was anything I really needed to mention. People really only get positive points when I see some difficult directing/coding that was done very well. I told you I liked your storyline a lot, and most of the suggestions I gave were short term and easy things.

You asked for a review, which is, by dictionary definition, “a formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.” That’s what I gave you. At the beginning of every review I send, I say:

“Hey! So, pretty much, I just took notes as I read the first few chapters, and then wrote a summary at the end! I suggest you follow along in your story as you read this review, since that’s how I wrote it and it’ll be easier to see what I saw. I want to stress that these are my opinions and everything I say is a suggestion. If you like your story the way it is, then keep it like that! I’m just trying to help you improve on your story from a reader’s standpoint! :)”

As I’m writing the review, it’s possible that not all of the bullet points are seen as suggestions, but that’s clearly stated on this thread and in the message I sent.

By my definition, these are pretty much the same. I was very honest about what was confusing to me and what didn’t look/sound right to me. I was also pretty truthful in the overview at the end. I gave you a solid rundown about what I suggest you do to improve your story.

I’ve probably done close to 50+ reviews for people (every single one of them was formatted just like yours), and I’ve never had a complaint.

Once again, I’m truly sorry if this hurt your feelings! I was giving you what I said I would give you, but it’s possible some things were misconstrued! I’d be happy to give you another review and focus on the positives as well! Have a nice day! :blush:


I asked for a REVIEW. Not a list of complaints. I think this title should have said “list of suggestions” because I’ve had many reviews for my stories and none of them was like yours.
If I wanted a long list of complaints with no input about what my story was like, that’s what I would of asked for. Yours was no review I have ever read before. It was just a complaint list.
I really do t think you’re qualified to give reviews if that’s all you’re going to do


I explained how the review would be done, and I explained that I did it a little differently than other people.

This has always been in my thread, and it clearly states that it will be mostly critiques. Maybe it was glossed over?

I’ve been very polite and kind working with you on this, but I don’t appreciate being attacked. Everyone has been satisfied with my reviews in the past, and if you don’t like it, that’s okay! I just wish you weren’t calling me rude and unqualified, as I’ve said nothing about you. The review was not anything personal. I apologized multiple times and I’ve tried to figure out what I did wrong. I’d like it if we can just go our separate ways since we are obviously disagreeing. Have a good day! :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to give you another review and focus on the positives as well! Have a nice day! :blush:

No, thank you. I don’t want any more “reviews” from you. It’s not about just focusing on bad or good things. It’s being completely negative I didn’t think was necessary.

Everyone has been satisfied with my reviews in the past

I’m sorry, I find that simply not believable.

I’ve been very polite and kind working with you on this, but I don’t appreciate being attacked

Well you did use a dictionary quote like I’m a little child who doesn’t understand the difference from brutal honesty from downright negativity. No offence, you have not been kind at all.

I’ve tried to figure out what I did wrong.


Sorry you hated it so much and I’m sorry I made you read it.
My sincerest apologies

That is completely fine. I only commented here as I felt an oligation to let other know what your “review” was going to be like before they agree to it.
Take care

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