Story rules, regarding MC acting out violence?


I read the rules about what we are allowed to write, but I’m still foggy on some details. After I’m finished with the story I’m working on, I’m writing a story where you play as a pretty bad person next, this will negatively impact the MC’s life, so it won’t be glorifying their actions or anything. The MC may kill, kidnap, stalk, threaten and steal, possibly other things as well. I won’t show the killing, but maybe a body wrapped in a bag possibly or a bloody knife or other indirect things. I’m wondering if I can actually post a story like that or if anyone knows if I’d get banned?


Ive seen these things in popular stories. There shouldn’t be a problem as long as these scenes are not too graphic.


And make sure you give the warning :slight_smile:


Could I get in trouble for not giving a warning? Or is it just a courtesy? :open_mouth:


It’s basically just because if you don’t give the warning and somebody reports the story then you can get in trouble


Okay, thank you.



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