Story scripting

when im reviewing my story , my character slides into the frame. then when its time for customization he slides out and slides back in again, how do i fix it???

You need to have your character to walk to that spot. You can use the command @CHARACTER walks to screen center. If you are using a spot you can use @CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in zone 1 in Time.


Okay 1 more question everytime i do the customization and finish like changing the hair or something it takes me back to the name change and or wording that i used for narrator? thank you!

that’s because the text is underneath the label. at the end of the cc, it always brings you back to that label. so if the text is included in-between the labels, it will keep showing it each time you restart. if you move the narration above the label (I think its something like label female_customization_1) then that won’t happen.

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