Story shoutout and read request on instagram

I have my story shoutout and read request open on Instagram.

If you want me to read your story( the first 3 chapters) or just want a shoutout you can fill out my form.
The link for the forms is in my bio.
I will make a post on Instagram for your story.

I do ask that you follow me on Instagram.

My Instagram: @Mona.recommends


Thankuu for this thread - Ill do that rn <3

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hey can i still do it even tho i dont have an instagram account yet.

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I always tag the authors in my posts.
It would be easier if you had an account.
You can send me a message so we can discuss it there.

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Hey… Thankyou for this thread…I will follow ur account…
My story name Destined vampires
My ig @ss_epi.sode

This is my story link

Did you also fill out my google form. That’s easier for me to keep track off. I can then work in order I receive the requests.
The link to the form is in my insta bio.

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Okay cool… I’ll check it out

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I still have a few spots left in the story requests.

Shoutouts are also still open.

So if you are interested go to my Instagram @Mona.recommends and fill out the form in my bio.

You do have to follow me.

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