Story shoutout! (gain reads)

Hey guys! So I am willing to do story shout out.

You will gain reads! For your story. You will have a shot out from my Instagram page!

All you need to do is follow only 3 rules. Check out my insta: teja.episode6274 for rules. Comment here if you are interested and then dm me on insta.



I’m interested

The Maione King

Story description: Since you were young you were training to lead your family with a powerful name. When they died they left you one mission. To find The Maione King. Can you handle the business or end up like your parents?

I’m interested :)) I’ll send you a dm! My account is @solarnetic_episode

I would appreciate a shoutout! I’ll DM you, @writnwolph.episode

Hi! I’m interested :slightly_smiling_face: This is my story link :

I’ll send you a dm! My account is @nurella.episode