Story showing up in spotlight format

So I just decided to publish my story and when I went to go and read it, It is constantly showing up in the spotlight format but when I look at what format I used in my write portal it just says Episode Limelight not spotlight so i’m really confused as to why this is happening

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Whether you pick cinematic (normal) or spotlight, it will still just say whichever character style you picked. You likely didn’t realize you picked spotlight when choosing style.

No that’s the thing that is weird it just says episode limelight when I look at my story style

Type: set to cenematic

Like I know for a fact i didn’t pick spotlight because before publishing when I did my story previews the characters were not is spotlight format on the screen and now they are

Yes. It’s going to only say Episode Limelight, Episode Ink, or Episode Classic. It doesn’t distinguish at this point in time cinematic from spotlight.

where do i put that at the beginning of the story?

If it still doesn’t work then copy your script and paste it into a new story


I could be wrong, but I think switching between styles only works for cinematic. If you choose spotlight, you are stuck with it for that script.

I figured, but like when I was first writing my story it was in the cinematic style and then all of a sudden today it is now in spotlight

That happened to me too I filed a ticket and all I had to do was paste my script into a new story in cinematic format

Does that mean I have to recreate all my characters

Unfortunately yes that’s what I did and it was a bit long but it was worth it also don’t forget to recreate outfits too

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