Story sound help needed! PLEASE HELP!


I’m looking for someone that can help me with a sound in my story.
In my scene, the main character is opening someone’s locker to give him a love note, then she shuts it and runs away. I don’t need a sound for the first part when she opens the locker. However, I have read stories where there is a sound of a typical school locker closing. When my main character closes the locker, I’d like this “closing locker sound” to play for the reader. If you know of this sound, you know the title, and you are willing to help me, please do. Thank you.

  • I know how to add sounds into stories.
  • I’ve scrolled through the sound library multiple times.
  • I’ve found some sounds that were close, but not very accurate.

If you know a sound that is very alike to the noise of a locker closing, please recommend that sound, too. Anything I get that’s close will help.


Crash is a decent sounding one
Or “Door_shut_metal”


I used that one and it sounds great in my story, thanks so so so much.