Story Stereotypes That You Hate

What are some stereotypes in Episode Stories that you absolutely HATE?



  • Bad boy and innocent girl

  • Mafias

They were good at first but then they started taking over and it was pretty clear what would happen in the end. :upside_down_face:


Bump ~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t really know, but I not really into stories with TOO MANY chapters like 90…
I feel discouraged to read it when I see it but sometimes after reading it i enjoy it.


I pretty much hate all stereotypes, but I would say that these are my least favorite.

  • Bad boys
  • Mafia
  • Stereotypical gay best friend
  • Token POC

I’ll probably add more to the list later.

  • The classic mean girl clique that has no personality other than wanting to ruin the MC’s life
  • The “I’m not like other girls” MC
  • The typical bad boy player
  • A controlling/toxic LI
  • Best friend with no personality

there’s a lot more, but these are some of them i’ve seen the most


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weak MCs who can’t stand up for themselves, MCs who slut shame other girls and think they’re better because they don’t wear makeup/revealing clothes, antagonist popular girls who hate the MC for no reason, “bad boy” love interests who are actually bad people in general, “good boy” love interests with the personality of stale bread, using sexual assault as a plot point to introduce the love interest, unnecessary and convoluted drama


I have a list! :joy_cat:

  • bad boys! at one point, i was a fan of these sigh but now the trope is so overused, leading to a general lack of originality.
  • mafia! i never really liked these stories haha. they just seem so unrealistic.
  • werewolves! sorry whenever I see “wolf” or “alpha” in a story description I click OFF. no questions asked.
  • spineless heroines! whenever the female mc has no resolve or backbone, I stop reading right away. it’s just super annoying, imo.
  • self-proclaimed bad*ss female protagonist! yes, I love a good strong, confident female lead. but when it gets to the point where she’s super bossy, rude to the other characters around her or adopts a “i’m better than you” attitude, she becomes unlikable really quickly.
  • inappropriate school uniforms! I hate when characters wear clothes that cover as much as their underwear to school. they would be dress-coded for this in real life, right? too bad teachers/staff don’t seem to exist in Episode stories lol
  • pregnancy! no. stop. please. why is this a popular trope on Episode? just why?
  • "comedy"! sometimes, comedy is done well, and it makes me laugh. but, other times, it’s not done well, and it makes me facepalm and click out of the story. i’m looking at you – “food is life”.

Foodie MCs who don’t play sports or work out. I’ve said this quite a few times on the Episode subreddit, but I’m pretty sure that authors who make foodie MCs are trying to be relatable, but also making the MC perfect in every way. This gets on my nerves because since the MC is perfect with high metabolism, no clogged arteries and AND a perfect body, you can’t relate to them because their only defining qualities are bad hygiene, laziness, and loving food.


Fr tho

The MC just lets themselves get bullied
I dislike it when the only choices you can pick are

“Please leave me alone”
Ignore them
Walk away

Like NO I don’t wanna submit to them!

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Gender stereotypes are so. Annoying.
Girls are supposed to be moody? Love food? And toxic jealousy is okay?
And the boys are supposed to be super masculine and disrespect other women BUT the girl he’s with? And apparently toxic jealousy is cute especially on boys???

Especially when there’s those lines that say “A w0mAn dOzenT wAnT…” or “uR a mAn…”
No- it doesn’t speak for me as a young woman, and it sure doesn’t speak for other people out there who are still struggling with finding their identity but oKaY

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Finally, someone said it. Not to sound like a classic “not like other girls” but the girl stereotypes are so… not relatable? (And the guy stereotypes don’t seem like people I’ve met either.) Like, I realize there are many personality types, so therefore not every MC can possibly match every reader. But when I say “relatable” in this context, I don’t mean “exactly like me” - I mean “well-written, as though it could be a real person.”
Why are these writers determined to make all the characters shallow and unable to make decisions to save their lives? Ugh…


Not all people are confident enough to stand up to others. It takes time to actually build up self confidence and it’s not realistic (based on personal experiences and a mix of my opinion) to always stand up to someone who is wronging you. It’s nice to see the character eventually develop the confidence to speak up but, not everyone can be confident right off the bat :sweat_smile:


Well said :clap:t3:

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an mc that says “iM nOt lIKe oTHer gIRls”

  • Billionaires
  • Arranged Marriages
  • Bad Girls
  • Mafia
  • Blonde girls always being the mean girls
  • Bad Boys

Well said! Also, it gets quite annoying when people bish about the MC not fighting back a strong murderer, or any big strong guy sort of thing, and whine about the MC being weak because the MC is upset after experiencing a near to death situation or rape or something. Like if that was in reality, they expect the victim to be as right as rain after that. Some people are just too spoon-fed unfortunately, hence their apathy.


Not everyone has the courage to be all confident and self aware and in most cases it has to be developed! I mean people don’t have to like the way a character acts but it would be beneficial to understand that not everyone is all badass, bad things happen and bouncing back from them takes time! It’s unrealistic to think that an mc can just magically get over a huge issue.


Yeah that’s true

I probably just get annoyed because it’s not my character to just let myself get trampled on

But you make a fair point