Story stopped, can't continue reading

I was reading the story ‘‘Mafia in Manhattan’’. Everything went okay until I finished chapter 5 and it wouldn’t end, it doesn’t take me back to where I could put in the next pass and I can’t continue reading the story. The screen went black, tapping it doesn’t do anything and the only things I can do are replay the story or go to the home page.
First I tried to uninstall the app and install it again but it didn’t change the situation. Then I replayed this story again but the exact same thing happened at the end of chapter 5 again!
Can something be done about this problem?

There must be some coding error.
Tell about this error to the author either on instagram or send a fanmail.

Though I’m not sure if it is really a script error or not because I didn’t faced any problem while reading that story but still authors change their scripts sometimes.
So It’s better to contact the author…

Or you can submit a ticket.
Here’s the link: