Story suggestions


Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m searching for good stories for my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

Stories I currently like are:

  • Songbird by mysza prutz
  • H&V dating games
  • pretty nerd
  • Zezzy montero takes on the world
  • believe me by Alex Ranae
  • Cyberpunk 3290
  • The darkness within
  • The offbeat zone: Talk to youself

I like:

  • drama and romance with actual plot, distinctive characters and not just love at first sight & a lot of flirting
  • I’m a science nerd. Anything sci-fi and with a touch of my passions physics and psychology would be great
  • people not doing stupid ass decisions (like pretty little liars like guys, why the fuck do you lie anyway?) and good writing is generally nice
  • Actually I like most genres except action and horror
  • Either a lot of choices and customization or really distinctive characters are nice. I don’t like most of the ink features so I tend to like cuatomization there. However it’s not a must. I like a lot of stories without customization when I feel like the look of someone fits them.


- Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future by Winter05 with Episode Royalty
- Surviving Love by Episode Royalty
- Thorns by Episode Royalty

All are INK and drama. :slight_smile:

I hope you check these stories out (feel free to leave fanmail) and enjoy them! :crown:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Do you prefer ink, limelight, or classic?


The Ruby Tiara
The Shaw Brothers
Deep Attraction


I like both limelight and classic, I also like the new ink features but tend to dislike the ink style with only the old features and clothes. But it’s not such a priority.


I suggest The Perfect Shade of Blue ; Catching Coal ; & I also have an account on episode called Limelight Stories (I have 8.9k) so you can check my account out and see what stories you like there (:


A Dream Come True For Maxine written by me!
First Love by Chanell
Lola Love by Chanell



“Stupid decisions like pretty little liars” LMAO :joy:
By the way, I have a drama story, with a lot of comedy. The name is: ONE-WAY TICKET FOR U by Cribb. I would be happy if you could give it a try! :blush:


I have sci-fi , and now you can read it😉
Here is story
Title—> Choose!!!
Genra—> as there isn’t sci-fi :sweat:, it’s ADVENTURE :wink:

Feel free to tell suggestion :slight_smile:



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