Story Suggestions!

Does anyone know any LL stories where you can choose your gender, LI’s gender and with CC? If you do, please tell me thank you! Im looking for stories under this description because I really like playing as a male! (Also yes I know I’ve asked before but I would like to read some more!) :two_hearts:

Rule breaker

Spilled Love Potion by Ana Stacy.
Counting Sheep by Piccalilly

You can choose to play as male or female in either of these.
Here’s a few more stories where you can only play as a male character:

One of The Girls by Amberose.
Delinquent by Josca Denise.
His secret by Nadi_Episode.
Improperly Yours by Sarah.
Before The Storm by lovely.boy
Magicka: The Switch by Alusza

Thank you so much!!