Story Suggestions



I want to have a chance to read more stories because all of a sudden, Episode has been an addiction and I can’t get enough of it :tired_face: Now I don’t have any stories to read since I’m either finished with my current favorites or people haven’t been updating.:woman_shrugging:t4: But with that being said, feel free to tell me about your current favorites and why you love that story so much. I don’t even care if it’s your story :joy:, You should be able to have a good reason why I should read the story overall. Thanks for reading.:two_hearts:

Current Favorites:

365 Days (To Find Love) by Eleanor G. (INK)
Two art lovers falling in love with each other while traveling to different countries to sightsee within a whole year?! I wish I had that. :upside_down_face: Lmao but fr, this story is lowkey addicting and funny. Eleanor, if you’re randomly reading this out of the blue, THANK YOU FOR BLESSING MY EYES WITH THIS STORY LMAOOO. :rofl:

Back and Forth by earlgreytea (INK)
The way how these two young college students (I think they are lol) develop chemistry through each other by swapping bodies on every Wednesdays is just crazy but then again, it’s a very great story and I hope it doesn’t end soon bc I’m already read 15/15 lmaoo. :purple_heart:

Attracted to the Nerd by Brady Rivers (INK)
I definitely love how Skarlet slowly fall for Haze and thankfully, it’s not like any other stereotypes where the girl/boy is mean to the nerd and then all of sudden, grows fond of the nerd and then they’re hated on for that bc they like the nerd. NOPE IT’S NOT LIKE THAT WITH ATTN! :clap:t4:

Revenge Daddy by N.J Colin (INK)
Lemme tell you one good time that I did not like my husband in that story omg. BUT THE WAY HOW THE R.D. AND THE MC STARTING FALLING FOR EACH OTHER AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM LATER IN THE STORY WAS JUST… UGGH! I really really really love how the story developed their relationship through the crisis they were going through. :heart_eyes:


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