Story synopsiss


I want to change the synopsis of my story, but I’m having a bit of trouble. Can someone help?


Hey, i’d love to help :sparkles:


Really? Yayyyyyyy haha


Np! What is the current one you’re using and what changes do you want to make to it? :sparkles::blush:


Current one I’m using is “All Kamille ever wanted was someone to love her, but when she finally finds someone who does, it could all be taken away by a jealous psychopath.”

I want to make changes bc there’s more to the story than just the conflict that was introduced (the jealous psychopath lol) like more things unravel after that.


Oh ok sounds good, what info do you want to slip in?


Is it okay if I pop my description in here too because I have a feeling if I change it I could get more reads.


Also, you have a special little part in my story if the reader makes a particular choice :heart:


Sorry I’m responding so late, but I’m not sure. Maybe something with like “crazy events that change your life” I don’t know :joy: I’m drawing blanks


Yes of course and tbh that’s what I did in the first place. Bc my original description was pretty vague and that’s what hooks the readers along with good content


Thanks and here is the description:

Mindy’s life is filled with joy and laughter but is haunted by heartbreak. What happens when Derek comes crashing into her life changing the way she sees love?