StoRY tAG ConfuzeD


How are story tags suppose to look? I’m confused. I type it in with no spaces and only commas and it’s still wrong?

EX: action,adventure,mystery,romance,gang,mafia,diverse,choices,minor,CC,Choices,Bad-ass Female,trailblazing


Try adding a space in between each comma.

Action, adventure, mystery, romance…ect


I did, it said no spaces allowed


mine working only like that:



? I did it like that.


Wait, try removing the dash “-”
Yeah it’s the dash, it doesn’t work on mine with it.


Still invalid.


Spaces didn’t work for me :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think you have too many tags.


Just figured that out. A sec ago


Figured what out?


If I put Mystery, Family and saved it. It works. I think I did put too much.